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Feminine Sexual 

Anatomy Type

"Find out why you may or may not have had as fulfilling a sex life as you’ve desired thus far"

-Tabitha Jester

Are you ready to discover

The Power Of Your Pussy?



Sexual Anatomy Types… There’s such a thing?!


Hell yes there is! All Vaginas are NOT created the same!


They don’t all match the generic black and white graphs you see in the textbooks and they CERTAINLY don’t all share the same recipe for arousal and orgasm.


For ages, many ancient Tantric paths have recognized the diversity in male and female genital form and function! They’ve narrowed these down to 16 groupings/types, 8 for male and 8 for female.


Each type has not only unique physical appearance, but also has a unique way of being aroused, varying lengths of time to reach prime pleasure, different locations of pleasure zones, and so much more!

Keep reading to learn how you can discover your unique sexual anatomy type and unlock the door to your deepest pleasure as you learn how to harness your unique sexual superpowers and create the mind blowing (fulfilling) sex life you desire.

Program Outline:

 Over the course of our time together, we’ll embark on a intimate, sensual, and amazing journey of getting to know now only your type, but also what orgasms you’re capable of; what positions will best get you there; and how to communicate these needs and desires with your lover OR how to make the most amazing self-seduction practice for you to enjoy all to your self!


This journey will be:

  • Hands on- (literally, haha!) as we explore your internal and external bodyscapes

  • Thoughtful- as we explore your mindsets, emotions, and beliefs about your beautiful Blossom of Pleasure (your vagina)

  • Healing- as we shift our Pussy Perceptions inside and out

  • Empowering- as we finally tap into the true power your Pussy holds (in pleasure, life, and even success!)

By the end of this journey you’ll have:


  • A deep and delicious understanding of your unique anatomy, your authentic orgasmic expression, and the pleasurable potential your pussy holds

  • Awareness of the most common pleasure blocks women face and how to navigate these

  • Knowledge of how you best receive pleasure from foreplay, to intercourse, and beyond  

  • Tips, exercises, and rituals for healing and unlocking the pleasurable potential your vagina holds

  • Communication skills to knowing how to share your new body magic with your beloved

And sooooo much more!

All the details

​​Sexy Priestess Bonuses

  • One Priestess Pleasure Package: A Sexy pleasure package custom created by me, simply for your pleasure! Some feature lingerie, toys, sensual products, and other Priestess worthy items!

       $60 Value, complimentary with this program


  • 15% off of your first coaching add-on package: See details HERE!

  • My favorite part is that between our calls, you have Total Access to me! I'll be walking you through understanding and enjoying your newfound Pussy Power to the fullest the whole way via your preferred contact method or text, WhatsApp, or Facebook!

       This bonus alone of worth the entire investment of the program!

The Investment:

How invested are you in attaining full, deep, powerful and Sexy magic in your Solo and Partnered Sensual Experiences???

This Sensual Intensive includes:

  • 90 min Sexual Anatomy Type (S.A.T.) Discovery Session**

  • PDF S.A.T. Profile

  • G.A.T. specific solo and couples  exercises  (audio and PDF)

  • X2 45 min Integration Sessions as you learn to apply and gain sensual mastery over your newly discovered pussy delights!

  • The above listed bonuses

Your investment for this Intensive is $497. 


This can be paid in full, or payment plans can be explored.

**Sessions are done via Zoom, Skype, and Phone

Closing thoughts...

Over the years of working with women to open, heal, and explore their sensual and sexual power and capabilities, the most consistent defining theme is body shame, confusion, and fear of sharing themselves fully with a lover (even if they don't see this at first).

The most common cause of low libido, low or no orgasmic consistency, and dissociation and disconnect from a lover is fear and lack of understanding in how your body actually works.

So many women (not to mention their partners) are functioning from sexual education gained from porn, movies, assumption, and the hope that THIS lover THIS time will finally help them find pleasure in their bodies by cosmic chance. NOT from true exploration, communication, authentic self knowing, and mastery.

It's my passionate belief that EVERY woman is not only orgasmic, but MULTI orgasmic! Full body orgasmic! Out of this world orgasmic! She just hasn't been allowed to really sink into her own authentic being to explore her Pussy Potential with someone who ISN'T trying to attain their own pleasure in the process.

That's what this program is all about! Helping you deepen your self understanding, your ability to experience pleasure in authentic, healthy ways, and to know how to share this with a lover you currently have, or one in the future.

What would it be like to have a sense of joy, awe, reverence, and adoration about your beautiful body?


To be able to confidently share your needs, desires, and preferences with a lover in a way that allowed you both to be mind blown?

What would that be worth to you?

Well, my love, ponder the possibilities… because that’s exactly what awaits you in learning and applying the beauty awaiting you in this intensive.


I can’t wait to see your world explode with juicy, sexy magic!


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