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Sex Energy 



“If you don’t have savvy with Sex Energy, you’re moving through life and love half crippled.”

-Tabitha Jester

Are you ready to become a

Priestess of Primal Sex Energy?

You've heard the buzz words, you've seen the posts, maybe you even experienced moments of light bulb like understanding, but you still have a lot of unanswered questions about this seemingly “new age” concept…




What is it? How does it work? But more importantly, why should you care?


That's what I designed Sex Energy 101 for, to clarify all of these unanswered questions and more!


Not just from the headspace of teaching a structured theory, but from the full experience of learning that theory, understanding how it moves in your life, and learning the skills to make that work FOR YOU instead of AGAINST YOU!


Whether it's feeling frustrated by the fizzling fire and growing disconnect in your relationship...


Attracting incompatible Partners over and over again...


 Feeling exhausted, unclear, and drained by your career...


Or simply not feeling like a sexy, powerful, and shamelessly complete woman, Sex Energy  (and your use of it) is the driving force behind all of it.


So let's fix that and set your love and life on fire!

Program Outline:

We’ll start your Two-Week Intensive with a 90-minute session where I teach you

The Foundations of Sex Energy:

  • What IS Sexy Energy?

  • What IS Feminine and Masculine Energy?

  • What IS Sexual Polarity?

  • What IS a Sexual Soul Essence?

  • And more...

After that, we’ll make it personal!


We’ll start picking out your patterns and seeing what energy you’re dominant in; where you most powerfully manifest that; and if your current default is in alignment with your Soul Essence and desires, or sabotaging and conflicting it!


From there, we’ll create an action plan and a sexy exercise toolbox for helping you begin to shift that and begin manifesting alllll the juicy magic you’ve been craving!


The following week we’ll have another call to assess how you did with the homework over the week; review the places you're still stuck; and we'll zero in on one of your major stuck areas and create some seriously juicy breakthroughs!

So what does Sex Energy look like in application? How would this help you?

  • Re-connecting a relationship and shifting painful patterns of distance, arguing, and imbalanced roles and responsibilities

  • Bringing the fire, magnetism, and desire back between you and your lover

  • Getting out on the dating field without the stress, fear, and anxiety of attracting the WRONG partner

  • Healing and empowering yourself to break free of small, unsatisfying living habits

  • Re-creating your business, finances, and manifestation magic to align powerfully with your deepest desires

  • Re-awakening and unleashing their Primal Sex Energy for a fully orgasmic and multidimensional life inside the bedroom and beyond

The list is only getting started... 

All the details

​​Sexy Priestess Bonuses

  • One Priestess Pleasure Package: A Sexy pleasure package custom created by me, simply for your pleasure! Some feature lingerie, toys, sensual products, and other Priestess worthy items!

       $60 Value, complimentary with this program


  • 15% off of your first coaching add-on package: See details HERE!

  • My favorite part is that between those calls, for a two-week period, you have Total Access to me! Because sex energy is such a simple thing in theory, but an incredibly complex thing in application, I'll be walking you through understanding and applying these skills the whole way via your preferred contact method or text, WhatsApp, or Facebook!

       This bonus alone of worth the entire investment of the program!

The Investment:

How invested are you in attaining full, deep, powerful and Sexy magic in your entire world??

This 2 week Intensive includes:

  • 90 minute Sex Energy 101 Foundations Training

  • 60 Minute Follow-up and Integration Session

  • Two weeks of total access and brain picking brilliance with ME!

  • Document and Audios Exercises to enhance and deepen your learning and application

  • The delicious bonuses mentioned above

Your investment for this 2 week Intensive is $497. 


This can be paid in full, or payment plans can be explored.

Closing thoughts...

If there was one thing I could teach everyone in the world, and only ONE thing, this would be it. Not just because of the dramatic changes I see in my clients each and every day, but because of how it SAVED my own life when I had hit the lowest of lows in every way…


But that’s a story for another day…


What I want to ask YOU is this:


How would your life, your relationship, your health and even success be different if you had a secret decoder that allowed you to know what was helping and what was hindering? That showed you when to wait, and when to make a move? That clarified your struggles, fights, and reactive patterns with your lover and those around you?

What would that be worth to you?

Are you ready to be a Priestess of Primal Sex Energy?

Well, my love, ponder the possibilities… because that’s exactly what awaits you in learning and applying the teachings and skills in this intensive.


I can’t wait to see your world explode with juicy, sexy magic!


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