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Sacred Sexual Priestess

A 6 Month 1:1 Journey to Embrace, Embody and Expand the Sacred Sexual Magic Running Through Your Veins.

Are you ready to become a

Sacred Sexual Priestess?

A Sacred Sexual Priestess is a woman made of primal magic, deep spirituality, and wild, untameable passion… A woman so deeply and deliciously connected to her body and intuition, she powerfully magnetizes her deep soul desires through sheer pleasure!


A woman who knows her bliss is the key to awakening her authentic sensuality  --her greatest gift for not only her own healing and transformation, but that of the world's as well.


A woman who knows how to call forth the God power in her lover, while feeding the Goddess magic within herself in a cycle that creates a mutually worshipful and earth shattering commitment.


A relationship of Legendary proportions.

You’re Priestess-Ready if:

  • You're willing to commit 100% to yourself, your dreams, and your pleasure

  • You're willing to be temporarily uncomfortable, vulnerable, and emotional as you move through your shit

  • You're willing to let go of the stories, patterns, and boxes you've kept yourself in

  • You're willing to step into your deepest authentic brilliance and power

  • You're willing to hold the god-space for your man/future man to step into his power through your juicy feminine magic (or goddess-woman as it fits you)



You’re Not Priestess-Ready if:​
  • Well basically if you're NOT willing to do the above listed info, haha!

  • If you're happy being a martyr and sacrificing yourself for others

  • If you're not willing to allow yourself to reach for and accept your dreams becoming reality

  • If you aren't willing to dive into your messy, gross, shitty beliefs, stories, and experiences

  • If you can't fathom not making continuous excuses, shifting blame, and holding onto a victim mindset

  • If you're not willing to redefine what being truly happy and fulfilled means to you

  • You're not willing to be vulnerable, trusting, and open with your man/future man, nor are you willing to let him be anything other than his past actions and mistakes


If you're feeling Priestess ready, read on!

The Journey

What you'll be doing:

Phase 1: Priestess awakening - Shift your shit!

  • Victim to Vixen: Discover your subconscious sexual shame and get rid of the trauma patterns and blocks keeping you enslaved to your Libido and Love killing inner monster for GOOD

  • Priestess Initiation: Reclaim your primal magic and unleash your inner Sacred Sexual Priestess with powerful and fun rituals and celebration

  • Archetypes of Empowerment: Find out the driving themes behind your way of moving through Life and Love and what the dark and light sides of those are so you can eliminate self sabotage and so much more

Phase 2: Self-Seduction - Sacred Solo Sex

  • Sexual Anatomy: Discover your unique sexual anatomy type and unlock the door to your deepest pleasure as you find out why you may or may not have had a fulfilling  sex life thus far, and what you can do about it

  • Sacred Self Pleasure: Sink into your newfound magic and dip your toes in the waters of Solo Sacred Tantra as you learn about the 9 types of orgasm, 4 levels of ecstasy, and many more deep sexual healing practices you can enjoy alone, or later with a lover

  • Intuitive Bliss: Learn to trust your body again as you tune into her messages, learn to decode them, and find your inner GPS that will NEVER lead you wrong 

All the details

Phase 3: Share Your Magic - With your Lover & the World

**Single Priestesses will do this a bit differently than those in relationship, but the core skills are still the same.

  • Singing Your Seductive Song: Learn the powerful art of turning your feelings and desires into compelling and magnetic messages those in your life will easily understand and happily honor!

  • Summoning the God-man/Goddess in others: one of the huge benefits of holding that powerful goddess energy in yourself is that you naturally bring it out in the people around you! Here we'll explore how!

  • Sustaining the Dance of God-man and Priestess: Being a Priestess isn't a mere mindset or moment, nor is a legendary love! Now let's make sure your outer world reflects your new inner transformation for sustainable bliss with some powerful integration!

​​Sexy Priestess Bonuses

  • Six Priestess Pleasure Packages: A monthly pleasure package custom created by me, simply for your pleasure! Some feature lingerie, toys, sensual products, and other Priestess worthy items!

       $700 Value, complimentary with this program


  • Primal Priestess On Your Shoulder: Get real time script writing help when you get into a tight spot with your lover (or someone else) so you can communicate with confidence,  magnetism, and authenticity! (This takes a while to get a hang of, I've got your back!) $900 Value, complementary with this program

The Investment:

How invested are you in attaining full, deep, powerful and expensive connection to your Sensual, Sexual side??

This 90 Day journey contains:

  • 1 Sexy Kick-off Call (90 min)

  • 23 Weekly Coaching Calls (50-60 mins each)

  • Customized Homework and Exercises

  • 1 Sexual Anatomy Profile

  • 1 Archetypes of Love Profile

  • Unlimited Text Support

  • Private Facebook community

  • Yummy Surprise Bonuses

The total investment of this program is $2997.


This can be paid in full, or payment plans can be explored.


This program is available by application and acceptance only as I want to make sure I’m the right mentor to see you powerfully upleveling your Sacred Sensual Self!

So now is the time to ask yourself a few questions:

  • What would my health, relationships, career, and life be like if I didn't feel the anxiety, confusion, and frustration I do now?


  • What would my body feel like if I embraced it as my greatest pleasure and gift, KNOWING it’s ability to be flooding with power and bliss on thought alone?


  • What if fear, old experiences, beliefs, and stories didn't rule my ability to enjoy intimacy, ecstacy, and passion anymore?


  • What if I had all the tools, knowledge, and support I needed to turn my bad days into bliss days? My sensual mess into seductive magic?


  • What if I could partner with that Sensual Stranger hidden under my skin instead of warring with her? What kind of life could I create if I harnessed that divine power deeply and willingly?

What would that be worth to you?

Are you ready to be a Sacred Sexual Priestess?

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