Primal Pleasure Retreat

An Intimate, Five-Day Retreat to Unleash Your Primal Pussy Super-Powers, Wild-Woman Pleasure & Birthright. Summer 2018

Are you ready to take your next step as a Primal Pleasure Priestess?

Are you feeling a deep, sensual stirring that you don’t quite understand, and you’re longing to dive into it in a powerful and all-consuming way?


Are you tired and exhausted by the back and forth of feeling desire and hunger burning through your veins and then fizzling into nothingness again?

Are you called to return to your wild, untamed roots, and unleash your own inner Primal Pleasure Priestess?

The Primal Pleasure retreat is a 5 day journey where you’ll be joining a very intimate sisterhood to rediscover and explore yourself as a sensual and sexual woman, activating the sacred power of your pussy and unleashing your primal, wild-woman pleasure and birthright.

You’ll emerge as a primal force to be reckoned with, deeply magnetic and able to attract

new levels of success, intimacy, and opportunity in every part of your life as you embody a powerful new level of self mastery and sensual awakening.

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Waking up in a wild, earthy and organically sensual cabin, surrounded by 60 acres of nature, peace, and primal potential calling for you to return to yourself, wild and unfettered by the daily demands and confines that have become your life....

You open the door and smell the forest air rich with the scent of crisp mountains, evergreen notes, and a hint of woodsmoke from the fireplace beckoning you to come and stay a while by it’s warming flames….

You see ancient and towering Pines, 100 year old Hemlocks, and Oaks reaching out for you, celebrating your arrival, and holding sacred space for you to dig deep and rediscover your wild, magical, passionate ways...

You hear the whispering of wild winding through the branches, the whimsical trickling of fresh, underground springs weaving watery trails in the earth, the chatter of animals and birds inviting you to come dance, play, and get lost in the vibrant beauty of being ALIVE….

As you rejoin your Sacred Sisters well rested, sink your teeth into a sumptuous breakfast of local, fresh, and organic food as you begin a day of sensual experiences for your mind, body and soul.

From light, rich scones that melt on your tongue... to fresh, flavorful fruit, dripping from your fingers and chin in raw pleasure... to steamy and nourishing coffees and teas laced with local honey and fresh cream, you’ll experience food the way it was meant to be tasted and enjoyed… Honestly, fully, unrushed, and with every cell of your body being involved and fed!



Connecting with an intimate group of like-minded sisters embarking on the next step in their own evolution and bliss, you’ll find a whole new level of feminine support, communion, tears, laughter, and trust as you dive into yourself as an erotic, powerful, and vulnerable woman.

You’ll feel that soul deep craving for female connection finally being fed by women who UNDERSTAND you, don’t play malicious games, and are genuinely honest in their desire to see you open, flourish, and embody your most potent magic…  

You’ll witness your Sacred Sisters as they take down their walls as well, hearing stories of their pain, struggle, and healing… Holding each other as you see the wounds in them within yourself as well… Marveling at the power of vulnerable connection and unity as you all let go of the shame, guilt, hurt, and holdbacks you’ve carried for far too long.

You’ll find solace in your wild surroundings, basking in time alone to reflect, integrate and connect to yourself as you shed layers of what’s not serving you and reclaim who you are at the deepest level.

And my love, we’ll celebrate! Marshmallows around the campfire as the magic of the day turns into the power of the night…

Singing and dancing under the moon like our wild and passionate ancestors did, reuniting the old ways with the new. Spiritual enlightenment with the power of Sacred Sexuality. Ancient rituals with modern application and manifestation.


Please, will answer its Call?

All the details


As we come together for our time of Primal Awakening, you’ll dive in to exploring your own body, your own sensations, your self-pleasure, your flesh and primal wildness…


You’ll feel the ways you avoid and reject bliss, learning how to allow yourself to soften, surrender, and let that fiery passion flow like an ecstatic river through your body, mind, and soul…

You’ll reach deep, past the shallow embodiment of sex and intimacy as a surface experience, and you’ll find the power of Solo Sacred Tantra, learning how to understand and activate the many dimensions of Sex, Sensuality, and Orgasm in your life as a Primal Pleasure Priestess (and no, you don’t need a partner, this is alllll you, goddess!).

You'll learn to get used to the newfound feelings of expansive, healthy, and soulful sexuality, desire, and juicy bliss blossoming and unfurling within your body in ways that fill you with awe and wonder… and you'll wonder how you could have lived numb, disconnected, and shut down like you used to.


And when your transformation is complete, as the retreat draws to a close, you’ll have a powerful and permanent gift of your reclamation as  Primal Pleasure Priestess forever immortalized through a powerful and fun Photoshoot.

Can you feel that magic already moving though your body? Can you feel your inner Primal Priestess stretching, reaching, seeking this freedom and expansion within you?

Read on...

All the Details


Location: Brevard, North Carolina


Dates:  April 27th-May 2nd 2018


Gentle Schedule/ Activities:

7-8am: Optional Morning Ritual

8-9am: Breakfast

9:30-12pm: Days Teaching and Group Exercises

12:30-2pm: Lunch & Rest

2:30-5pm: Activities and Individual Deepening

5:30-7pm: Dinner & Rest

7:30 onwards: Optional Social Fire & Connection

What to Expect:


  • A mix of logic, teaching, and experiential exercises, a lot of this is going to be feeling, being, doing. This is a very experiential retreat, getting you out of your head and into your body, accessing that Primal side, the Pleasure side.


  • Reawaken Pussy. Power. Pleasure. The Wild Woman Within, as you experience a total transformation in your perception and belief around sex, sensuality, and yourself as a pleasure capable woman.

  • Dig deep into your hidden shadows to find the magic under the mess as you move through your stories, experiences, and beliefs that have been killing your capacity to embody and enjoy your sexuality in a sustainable and passionate way.

  • Practice exercises to get you out of your head and into your body, allowing you to laugh, cry, scream, to feel the raw power of emotion finally moving freely, allowing you to release the old shit and call in the new.

  • Learn WHAT sex energy is, how it MUST be allowed to move powerfully through your life, and WHY embodying this is the greatest life skill you’ll ever learn.

  • Learn how to find healing, expansion, and true intimacy within yourself FIRST, enabling you to do so with others in a way that won’t confuse, overwhelm, or set you up for needless pain, struggle, and wounding.

  • Experience and apply ancient Earth-based rituals and exercises to activate and feed your expansion, healing, and growth.

  • I've got a really good balance of activity and introspection time. Downtime and learning time. Bonding time and solo time. There will be a morning and evening group interaction, and anything outside of that is elective.

Apply via a 1-1 private chat!

Once you've experienced your own Primal Pleasure, you'll be able to manifest, receive, and enjoy everything you’ve been seeking and so much more!

  • Melt into your deliciously and totally reconnected body, bliss, and power at will, no matter where you are of who you’re with.

  • Feel empowered, comfortable, and fluid while using your voice to communicate needs, boundaries, desires, and more.

  • Enjoy a deeper understanding of how your body communicates with you, how to decode its messages, and keep yourself from slipping back into habits of numbness and dissociation (alone or with a lover).

  • Relax into your knowing of how to handle the cycles of Awakening and Diminishment as you experience the highs and lows of Primal Pleasure in your daily life.

  • Confidently handle the feelings of frustration, overwhelm, and even fear, that tend to show up as you activate more passion, desire, and pleasure within yourself

  • Know how to balance and sustain your Primal Pleasure as you go home and move back into daily life, relationships, and career without fearing the loss of your brilliance and magic.

Apply via a 1-1 private chat!
Get these special gifts to take home

I’ve designed this retreat intentionally to make sure this isn’t something that you walk away from and wonder “Did that REALLY happen? It feels like a dream…”.


To make this even more tangible as you make your way back into the world, I’m sending you home with physical, mental, and emotional tools to keep you grounded, connected, and moving forward in a whole new way!

  • A pleasure package custom designed to see you through a powerful Sensual Awakening, during the retreat, and at home! $500 Value

  • Customized medicine bundle of sacred herbs aligned with Native teaching on how to clear things in your body and environment, cut cords, and manifest new beginnings and experiences! $45 Value

  • A customized aromatherapy blend that helps activate the Primal pleasure within you so you can recall the retreat experience in each moment and wear it every day! $45 Value

  • A Primal Pleasure photoshoot with group and individual photos so you have a physical, tangible, and immortalized gift to take home and continue to be re-inspired by. Can you imagine walking into your sacred space and seeing a powerful, wild, deeply sensual image of who you are when you unleash your most wild, undiluted and well-pleasured self? That’s incredibly inspiring! $800 Value

  • Powerful group and individual coaching sessions (3 total) to help you integrate and apply what you learned and experienced at the retreat for lasting and sustainable results! $500 Value

Pre & Post-Retreat Support


To make sure you’re able to show up powerfully and readily, I’m including a 2hr group coaching call for the retreat attendees so you can begin connecting and creating magic right away! Then, when we all meet in person, it’s a sexy, joyous reunion instead of an awkward introduction.


Plus, we’ll be starting to clear out limiting beliefs, stories, and blockages on this call so you can really sink in to the retreat with your objections left in the past.


Once you get back home, we’ll schedule another 2 hr group call to see how everyone is integrating (I don’t believe in kicking my Priestesses out in the world alone and hoping they thrive), and providing coaching and support as needed. You’ll each also have a 1-1 45 minute follow-up session with me for more targeted help and support.


For those of you who want to continue deepening this new way of living, I’ll share an exciting new offer that’s exclusive ONLY for those who’ve attended this retreat!

Apply via a 1-1 private chat!
Is This For You?

If you’ve read this far, chances are you’re wondering if this retreat is for you. So let’s clarify that!


This retreat was designed for the woman who’s begun feeling and questioning her sensual and sexual expression, desires, and potential. She’s not fully awake and embodying it, but she’s not completely numb to it either.


She’s had moments of powerful (and probably intimidating) primal expression and its been a little scary! Maybe she’s had a lover reject that side of her, saying she’s too much…


Maybe she’s said the very thing to herself.

But that’s not something she’s willing to tolerate anymore. She craves that Primal Rush! That innate, wild desire running through her veins, burning her soul up with a fire that burns with exquisite promise that her life will never be the same…


She wants to know that her body was absolutely, undeniably created for pleasure! And she wants to know how to access and activate that!


She's tired of popcorn sex, she's tired of popcorn self-pleasure, she's tired of popcorn gratification in every area of her life!

She wants the steak and baked potatoes sex... She wants the the four-course meal at the five-star restaurant sex! She wants the wine, the champagne, the flowers, the whole experience kind of sex!

And she wants that sex to be in every moment of her life! Not just in the bedroom, but all over the house! Not just in the physical world, but in her spiritual, emotional, and mental world as well!


She wants Seduction on every level, to be seduced by the world, her lover, herself!


But how?


She’s struggled with the question of how to channel that intensity, that passion, that power, without it overwhelming her and/or her partner.  But she’s ready to release the struggle and really dive into this side of herself!


She’s beyond the point of intrigue, and is stepping onto the path of self mastery, expansion, and self investment.

This is not for a one-dimensional mind, or a one-dimensional woman.


It's for a woman who is expansive, who wants to be more expansive, who already has an understanding, even if it's only an intuitive one, that there is more to herself then the physical form of sex.


And she's ready to take that step to getting to know that part of her, to literally letting it expand, and become her way of living breathing and being.


Loving and manifesting, working and playing.


That's not a bedroom trick, it's a recreation of the self.


Is this ringing any bells?

Are Your Ready?
You're ready IF:
  • You're willing to commit 100% to yourself, your dreams, and your pleasure

  • You're willing to be temporarily uncomfortable, vulnerable, and emotional as you move through your shit

  • You're willing to let go of the stories, patterns, and boxes you've kept yourself in

  • You're willing to step into your deepest authentic brilliance and power

  • You're willing to hold the goddess-space for yourself to step into your power through your juicy feminine magic

You're NOT  Ready if:

Well basically if you're NOT willing to do the above listed info.

  • If you're happy being a martyr and sacrificing yourself for others

  • If you're not willing to allow yourself to reach for and accept your dreams becoming reality

  • If you aren't willing to dive into your messy, gross, shitty beliefs, stories, and experiences

  • If you can't fathom not making continuous excuses, shifting blame, and holding onto a victim mindset

  • If you're not willing to redefine what being truly happy, powerful, and fulfilled means to you

But What About...


Its possible by now you’re witnessing a whole host of objections, fears, and arguments whirling around in your head… So let’s talk about those!


Permission. Validation. Powerful Self Commitment.


This is the struggle most of my clients have come up when making the choice of herself in this powerful way:


  • Maybe she wasn't raised being taught that self care and self investment was a necessary part of life

  • Maybe she wasn't taught that she was worth making herself a priority

  • Maybe she wasn't taught that she was capable of being a woman dripping with power, pleasure, and delicious self seduction and every moment

  • Maybe she's never experienced deep pleasure moving through her whole body and believes that she's not capable of it

  • Maybe she's scared that if she lets a little bit of that Primal seductive side out, she's going to turn into this hedonistic and wild woman who becomes addicted to only her pleasure and forgets about the spiritual and loving sides of herself


These are all really deep rooted stories, beliefs, and patterns that EACH one of us have to some degree. I know I’ve wrestled with these over the years when faced with the choice of choosing myself and my desired future vs my comfortable zone of smallness and familiarity.


I have a few really powerful reflection questions I’d like to share with you and invite you to consider as you sit in this place of potential transformation...

So now is the time to ask yourself a few questions:
  • What would my health, relationships, career, and life be like if I didn't feel the anxiety, confusion, and frustration I do now?


  • What would my body feel like if I embraced it as my greatest pleasure and gift, KNOWING it’s ability to be flooding with power and bliss on thought alone?


  • What if fear, old experiences, beliefs, and stories didn't rule my ability to enjoy intimacy, ecstacy, and passion anymore?


  • What if I had all the tools, knowledge, and support I needed to turn my bad days into bliss days? My sensual mess into seductive magic?


  • What if I could partner with that Sensual Stranger hidden under my skin instead of warring with her? What kind of life could I create if I harnessed that divine power deeply and willingly?

What would that be worth to you? Are you ready to be a Primal Pleasure Priestess?

This 5-Day retreat is ALL INCLUSIVE:

  • Food

  • Lodging

  • Retreat materials

  • Photoshoot

And HIGHLY EXCLUSIVE - only 5 places available and they’re by application only.




So that I can make sure those attending are in the right place and commitment level to beautifully and powerfully show up for the retreat, ADDING to the experience instead of DETRACTING from it.


Keeping the group this cozy and intimate also allows me to give you my almost undivided attention for five days! That’s when really deep. lasting, and powerful change happens, because you’re not just another face in a crowd, you become my sister (and that of the other women attending) in so many ways, and create connections you can still grow with and enjoy, even AFTER the retreat is over.


This isn’t something you bring your head to, its something you bring your heart and soul to, and prepare to walk away totally transformed!

The investment for this all-inclusive, highly exclusive 5-day journey is $3997.


Payment plans ARE available and can be discussed and customized upon acceptance.

Apply via a 1-1 private chat!
In Closing...

Let me teach you how deeply your body is connected to the cycles of nature, and how to use those cycles for creating what you crave in your relationships, your life as a whole, even in your career!

Get fearlessly in touch with that shadowy, deep, and sexy side. Release the struggle of feeling your sexuality as a wild creature you can’t trust or contain...

Surrender yourself to rolling around in the leaves, cleansing your body in natural streams, braiding feathers, leaves, and silver coins in your hair, dancing naked under the moon like the wild woman you truly ARE!

Lose yourself to primal drumming circles where you’re are taken into the deep heartbeat of the earth, into the deep heartbeat of yourself...


Connect to that raw source, bring it back into your body, and get drunk on the feeling of your hips becoming the drums that echo your song of Creation with every step you take…


Dance with that song, that echo, as your body becomes the mountains, valleys, rivers, and deserts you’ll fearlessly explore, reverently admire, and generously share with your lover and loved ones…

Will you join me, Soul Sister? My awakening Primal Pleasure Priestess?

This world needs your deep and wild ways, your raw, primal magic…


Will you answer it's call?


Click the link below to schedule your Primal Pleasure Retreat Consultation

I hear the music inside you.


I see myself with my arms wrapped around you, forehead to forehead, leaning and rocking and swaying to the Primal music that's moving around us, up from the earth, into us…

I'm so powerfully holding the space for you to feel through me what you’re beginning to learn sits within yourself. That almost though embracing, I can imbue you with that rawness. That power. That undeniable and powerful femininity.

Let me hold you in my arms while you come apart, crying the tears for all of the wrongs that have been done to you, screaming the pain of all the wrongs you’ve done to yourself, channeling the Rage of all the things you’re no longer willing to accept in your life, unleashing the torrential flood of tears that wash everything away, sweeping out all that no longer belongs, and pouring back into you all of the brilliance, beauty, and pleasure you’re now ready to embody and grow from this new place of rebirthing.