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The Primal 


Man Unleashed

A New Approach to Sensual and Sexual Mastery for the Awakened Man



Have you ever wanted the inside view of what's really happening within your woman's mind and body?


Have you wish there was a manual that could explain how to understand her needs, and how to meet them in a more powerful and explosive way?


Have you wished there was someone you could ask literally any question in relation to a woman's body, pleasure centers, and the way they would best be activated and stimulated?


Then you come to the right place! In this 4-week course, you'll be learning all of that and so much more!

Part 1: Self care, Self-Exploration, and Self-Mastery

A guide for the Primal Man

Seduction starts with YOU

Who ARE you, Primal Man?

  • Archetypes of Love; What are your underlying romantic drivers?

  • Yin-Yang Balance and Polarity; What makes you sizzle?

  • Tunnel Focus vs Expanded Focus - in and out of the bedroom

Accessing and Unleashing Your Primal Cock Power

  • Know Thy Cock As Thyself; What Feeds and Kills Your Primal Cock Power?

  • Male Genital Anatomy; What's your Cock Power Type?

  • Understanding and Exploring Male Orgasmic Potential

  • Recharging your Man Magic through Primal Pleasure Rituals

Part 2: The Art of Feminine Arousal

What really make her Sensual Fires burn

  • Being Seen, Heard, Safe, and Desired. The Feminine Woman wants to be loved and cherished above all else. The Masculine Woman wants to be Respected and Admired. Who are YOU sleeping with?

A lifestyle of Seduction and Foreplay

  • Practical tips and tricks for cultivating heart-stopping everyday intimacy that leads to earth-shattering orgasmic union

  • When does sex ACTUALLY begin?

  • Everyday Eroticism; feed the flames of desire with ordinary life actions

Demystifying the Feminine Body

  • Discover the 9 Feminine Anatomy types and learn how to become a Master of Pussy

  • Cultivating Erotic Curiosity; How each Feminine Pleasure Center works and can be stimulated

  • Taking Your Time; Arousal times for Peak Primal Pleasure

  • The Mind-Vagina Connection; Why you can’t TRULY access one without the other

Part 3: Conscious Penetration

Penetrating the Mind before the Body

  • Penetrating Mom-Brain, Business-Brain, Fix-It Brain, Over-functioning-brain, etc… SHUT THE BRAIN UP!!!

  • Facilitating Emotional softening and opening in your Woman

  • Setting the space for Intimacy

  • Establishing Connection

  • Setting goals in Intimacy

Expanding Orgasmic Potential and Experience

  • Kissgasms, Nipplegasms, the whole body is one gigantic Erogenous Zone, learn how to turn on your Super-Powers of Primal Pleasure

  • 5 Tips for becoming an Unforgettable Lover

  • Full Body and Multiple Orgasms for TWO

  • The many ways to work a dick!

  • Sexual Reflexology

Part 4: Post Sex Practices

Busting the Myth that Intimacy Ends with Orgasm

  • When does Sex ACTUALLY end?

  • Erotic Aftercare; Yours & Hers

  • A Woman’s Capacity for Pleasure... It's likely NOT what you think!

Sexy Bonus!

Bonus communication guide: learn how to get her out of her head and into her body

  • Asking for FEELING descriptions and encouraging FEELING thoughts to be pondered.

  • Cultivating everyday desire. Cultivating Curiosity. ASK.

  • Self Awareness of Habits; Know your Listening Capabilities.



This Program Includes the Following Features:

  • x2 45min Private Coaching Calls to answer Your Questions and Ponderments as well as to resolve your biggest Primal Blocks (this is ONLY with the Full Program Option, Not the Home-study Option)

  • 4 weeks of Video, Audio, and PDF Lessons 

  • Private Members Only Page with Lifetime Access to teaching Video, Audio, and PDF files

  • Bonus Feminine Communication Guide 

  • Email access for the duration of the program for help between coaching calls



This program is a combination of Self Study and Individual Coaching (in the Full Program Option). The teaching content will be up for immediate access upon purchase, though it's suggested you move through it as a 4 week program.

This gives you the freedom to take the information in at your own pace and use the coaching calls for focused coaching and integration as desired. You can also replay the content as often as needed to really let it sink in and take hold. No need to worry about missing a juicy morsel!

As this is self paced, you can schedule your calls as desired and also have the chance to add additional coaching sessions as needed.




The Home-study Option:


In this option, you get full access to the content and can move through it at your own pace. This option does NOT include the coaching calls and is ideal for those who prefer solo learning and don't feel 1-1 support would be the right fit for their current needs..

The investment for this option is ONE payment of $347.00


The Full Program:

If you're wanting to go the extra mile and get 1-1 coaching and targeted help unleashing your Primal Cock Power, this is the way to go! Though I've covered a LOT in these teachings, nothing can resolve your Primal Blocks as well as real conversation and strategy.


The ideal way for this program to be used is for you to learn all the foundations and teachings via the content, and to use the coaching sessions to customize and integrate the info and work through the unique aspects of your Unleashing with my full attention and help.


The investment for this option is  $597.00 

**Payment plans can be explored for the Full Program, use the message box at the bottom of the page to inquire.



This ISN'T for you if you're not willing to be raw, real, and vulnerable with yourself OR others (your lover, myself) as you embark upon this journey of self mastery and expansion.

This ISN'T for you if you're attached to the old ways of viewing sex, intimacy, and your partner as a tool for self gratification and "pump and dump" mentality.

This ISN'T for you if you're not willing to invest time, reflection, and effort into yourself and your relationships.

This ISN'T for you if you're looking for a quick fix, trick, or way around your lifestyle and relationship patterns. 


This IS for you if you're ready to break free of your own self sabotage, shame, and limited thinking and habits around yourself and your lover (or future lover, if you're single).

This IS for you if you're ready to expand your perceptions and experiences in not only your physical actions and enjoyments of sex and intimacy, but also the emotional, mental, and spiritual experiences!

This IS for you if you're willing to make your self evolution a priority. I'm not asking for hours every day. 5-15 minutes will see you having radical shifts! Not just in the way you interact with your lover, but also in the way you approach and view yourself and the world as a whole.

This IS for you if your looking to make a powerful LIFESTYLE change as a continually awakening and emerging man of Power, Authenticity, and Presence in ALL aspects of your life.

So, Primal Man...

Will today be the day you break free of your old, stuck, primal habits and shed the robes of your sensual domestication?

If so, follow the payment link below to start your journey of Sensual Liberation and Re-Wilding!

​Make your investment at the link below!

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