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Why Do Most Women Struggle To Orgasm?

A member of my Women's Primal Pleasure Facebook Community posed this question to me and I couldn't help but want to share the response with you sexy beings here today!

Why do women have a harder time reaching orgasm than men?

To put it simply… We have such richly diverse

Though men do too, they still function and attain orgasm is basically the same way. Women however, are a bit more complex as depending on our anatomy, we require a certain way of being stimulated.

Some women have their pleasure centers (clit, g-spot, etc) closer together, so stimulation is easier for the average couple. But some, dare I say many, women have their centers spaced out further, so stimulation requires more conscious effort.

For example, a woman with a deep vagina and thickly hooded clit needs deeper penetration and more clitoral attention to have an orgasm. This can be done with different positions, toys, etc. But for women who have no real knowledge of their bodies and needs, this can be a recipe for a dead bedroom, and eventually, a dead relationship.

Other women are much shallower in vaginal depth and have very exposed clits, making them easy to be hypersensitive to touch/pressure/temperature/etc. This is the women who wants to throat chop her lover if they get too aggressive in speed and touch without adequate warm up!

Speaking of adequate warm up, did you know that the average woman takes 20-30+ minutes to reach peek arousal?

Did you also know that the average amount of time spent in couples intercourse is 5.4 minutes?

Ehem... 5.4 minutes.

Wow... No wonder there's an imbalance!

And that’s without going into the emotional/mental aspects of the feminine mind... the struggle of getting out of our heads and into our bodies... Feeling like we can't vocalize our needs and desires... or the fact that sex education is basically null in our modern world and men NOR women know how to truly tap into and explore the rich realm of sexuality and intimacy, haha!

But those are for another post on another day...

For today, I'd love for you to take away a healthy and fun sense of Pussy Curiosity!

Whether it's for your pussy, or your lover's!

What would it be like if you simply decided to forget everything you think you know about how to pleasure a woman and made it a sexy experiment to find out anew?

How would you slow down? Expand your vision? See the individual instead of the lump assumption? How would you ask your partner or your body what they/it wanted to feel?

Experience? Explore?

The potential is endless!

And ladies, I def suggest you do the same for your men... Let curiosity become the lover's consort to you both!

That's all for now, I hope you enjoyed this! If you did, you know what to do! Upvote, comment, share!

Until next time! Your Primal Pleasure Activator, Tabitha

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