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Using Pleasure As Your Motivator

Updated: Apr 13, 2018

When I tell people I live and teach Tantra, 95% look at me like I just spoke Martian... the other 5% get a wicked sparkle in their eyes and assume I must be on my way to the next orgy.


It's rare I come across someone who has a full understanding of what Tantra truly is.

To me, Tantra is the art of owning, receiving, and sharing your deepest bliss, pleasure, and magic for the healing and betterment of not only yourself, but the whole world!

Simple as that!

So much of our lifestyle has revolved around pain. Focusing on pain, avoiding pain, causing pain, using pain as our means of navigating life.

Just take a moment to think of a few examples in your life, maybe even in this very day, in which pain in one form or another was the primary motivator in your decisions.

Maybe it was something as simple as a fact that you finally moved that end table out of the way so you'd stop stubbing your toe on it!

Pain was the motivator! We tend to ignore ( consciously or unconsciously) many things in life until they become so uncomfortable and so unignorable, the pain gets our attention and we finally take action.

This is the common mindset. This is the traditional way most of us were taught to think and function.

Tantra is Different. It's the exact opposite, in fact!

It’s the art of living and learning with soulful and spiritual pleasure instead of pain.

It’s enlightenment through ecstasy...

Tantra would ask us not to wait until we've broken a toe on our foot to move the end table, but would instead encourage us to take a look around ourselves, inside ourselves, and in our environments, and see what's causing disharmony and how can we fix that so we're capable of living a life from our deepest pleasure?

Can you imagine allowing your pleasure to be your motivating force?

Just reflect on that for a moment... Don't make it too heavy or too complicated, just think of an example in the last day or two that hit your pain button, and contemplate what might have been different about that situation had you chosen the path of pleasure instead?

Share your Thoughts and Reflections below, you know I always love to hear from you!

P.s. invite your wild woman friends to join this Primal Pleasure facebook group for more sexy magic around the world! 📷❤