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Three Seductive Ways to Reignite Pleasure and Desire!

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

While we could spend infinite afternoons picking out all the things we feel crush our sexy fire and desire, pretty much all of it comes down to one thing: Stress.

As stress is a normal part of everyday living, it won’t suddenly vanish into thin air never to bother you again… so this means we have to learn better ways to manage and move through stressful moments without losing our ground.

Today I’m sharing three basic steps for you to play around with to reignite your sizzle and fire!

Make the choice to prioritize your pleasure and desire.

I don’t know about you, but I used to waste soooooo much energy, emotion, and time waiting for OTHER people to prioritize my needs and desires FOR me. I didn’t want to have to communicate them, cultivate them, or hell --even IDENTIFY them! I just wanted my lover to somehow KNOW and deliver them to me spontaneously.

Sounds incredible, right? Indeed, it would be.

But it’s not likely to happen, let’s be honest.

If we want to create something in our lives, we have to first make the committed CHOICE to do so. We have to give it value, definition, priority. No one else can do this for us!

So for this step of reignition, are you willing to CHOOSE your pleasure and desire? Whatever that looks like for you, will you 100% choose it?

Don’t underestimate the power of CHOICE.

Create the space and experiences you WANT!

Great, so you said yes to choice! Now you get to start putting that choice into action! While you can absolutely recruit those around you into your pleasure planning, make sure you’re placing most of the focus on experiences you can have 100% by yourself.

Your pleasure can’t primarily be co-dependant on others. That leaves you in a constant state of lack. Yes, create shared experiences and enjoy the magic they hold! Enjoy the experiences and invitations that come from others! But also make sure you’re keeping your own pleasure moving in everyday ways as well.

How? Set aside time to do things for yourself. That might simply look like taking 30 minutes tomorrow for you to enjoy a cup of coffee alone and contemplate what you DO want more of!

Create a sexy little list of desires to share with a few close friends or a lover, feel the fun of what having those would be like in your whooole body --NOT the lack of them in your head!

If you've never heard of this, consider it a no-holding-back fantasy list of what you desire down to the smallest things, like food brought TO you sometime this week because you don’t feel like cooking. Or to have a really amazing hug! You’ll be surprised at what shows up, trust me!

Once you have a few desirable experiences swirling in your body, look for ways to enjoy, enhance, and express them. Don’t forget to use your voice! If you wanted dinner brought in, make it happen! If you wanted a deep hug, make it happen! These simple desires are stepping stones for building confidence, focus, and intention for larger ones that will require more cosmic help and support from outside sources.

Collect Seductive Proof!

This is my faaaaavorite thing! Probably because I’m not naturally inclined to do this, haha! Collecting seductive and positive proof of my desires coming to me.

Our silly human brains almost always want to focus on the bad stuff, collecting evidence that our worries and fears will come to life before our dreams will. Unfortunately, we can become so habitually steeped in this behavior that it’s hard to see anything good --even when it’s happening right in front of us or right TO us!

When you want to amp up your pleasure and desire, you HAVE to start looking for and collecting seductive and positive proof! When you want to manifest magic, you have to look for magic!

Your brain, body, and energy naturally flow deeper into the things you spend the most time feeling, thinking, and looking for. Make that count!

I hope you enjoyed these sexy little tips for reigniting your fire and desire AND to recognizing and enjoying them! Feel free to share this blog with a friend or lover and have them do this with you for a little extra dose of motivation and fun!

Do any of these resonate with you? Give them a whirl and if you feel you want to go deeper or need some more help, visit my website to schedule a call!


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