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Sharing Desires With Your Partner

Sharing your desires with your lover should be easy, natural, and fun!

And yet... 80% of women I know DON'T. For a host of reasons!

I get it, truly I do! Communicating my needs and desires in my relationships used to be a MAJOR problem for me even in the simplest of ways like "could you feed the dogs tonight, I'm running late"... so more vulnerable and intimate ways like "touch me like this ___"? Hell no.

I felt like I was always asking too much. And I was scared of being told "no" amongst a host of other things. So I simply accepted whatever my partner gave me.

Slowly growing colder, angrier, more bitter, and more resentful as the days, months, years went by. This was the slow death of multiple relationships. This was the breeding ground for drifting away from my current love and looking to have my needs met with someone else. (Though the same pattern would repeat over and over again if I never addressed the issue.)

When I realized my mute mouth wasn't helping my love life, I set about shifting it with much anxiety, fear, shame and just enough determination to override the bad!

My choice of Bullshit Battlefield? The bedroom.

For a number of reasons I chose to start using my voice in the bedroom to empower myself to speak up in other areas too.

The results?

Orgasmic success! In every way! I was actually getting my needs met in the ENTIRE relationship!

Ladies, knowing what you want is vital. Powerful. Necessary.

But it's worthless if you don't know how to get it. AND how to receive it!

But that's for another post... This post is to get you thinking about ways you might be sabotaging your ability to have what you want in your relationships.

The image below? A silly and simple example of how EASY it is to ask for what you want. (Yes, Marc is a man of few words, but his very active in he's actions, haha)

So riddle me this, you sexy sisters of mine: Are you comfortable sharing your needs and desires?

Do you feel you get good results when you do?

If so, what's your favorite example?

If not, what happened? Let us love and support you in your shift!

Feel like you need a little help? Love, you have but to ask! ♡♡♡

;) Your moment of reclaiming your pleasure starts NOW!

P.s. invite your wild woman friends to join this Primal Pleasure facebook group for more sexy magic around the world! 📷❤

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