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Sexual Anatomy Types… There’s such a thing?!

Hell yes there is! All Vaginas are NOT created the same! They don’t all match the generic black and white graphs you see in the textbooks and they CERTAINLY don’t all share the same recipe for arousal and orgasm.

For ages, many ancient Tantric paths have recognized the diversity in male and female genital form and function! They’ve narrowed these down to 16 groupings/types, 8 for male and 8 for female.

Each type has not only unique physical appearance, but also has a unique way of being aroused...

Varying lengths of time to reach prime pleasure...

Different locations of pleasure zones...

Unique tastes, wetness levels, and so much more!

My path of sexual and sensual healing and evolution led me to exploring and studying these teachings, and the sense of relief, understanding, and awe I felt in discovering my type was something I KNEW I couldn’t keep to myself! Especially as it’s my personal mission to help you amazing women create and sustain your own Legendary Love & Primal Sex life!

Want to find out more?

I'd love to invite you to join my free and private women's Facebook Group, The Primal Pleasure Community where we are discussing each sexual anatomy type.

In this group we shamelessly and lovingly share and celebrate all the aspects that come with being a woman. From relationships to health, parenting to making ourselves a priority, and so much more.

You're also more than welcome to personally reach out to me with any of your questions or to talk about doing private sessions. My email is and I'd love to hear from you!

Your coach, Tabitha

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