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Own your mind, body, and soul… or someone else will.

What does that sentence evoke within you?

Fear? Disgust? Doubt?

Awe? Inspiration? Empowerment?

Everywhere I look…

Every other social media post I see…

Fear and victimization breeds like rabid bunny rabbits high on ecstacy, testosterone, and speed.

Men and women alike are wracked with self doubt, fear to act, fear to be seen and heard, fear to connect with others, fear to be.

Everyone else is a danger lurking in the shadows…


Are they?

Could it be that there are far more individuals feeling the same vulnerability, fear, and good intentions just like you?

Is the world truly overrun by monsters?

Or is it that there are so many lost and disconnected individuals out there that the few monsters who DO roam and wreak havoc seem to be everywhere at once? In everyone?

Well… in essence, they are.

They sit fat and happy within your own being.

Well fed by the consistent worry, fear, and anxiety cultivated and grown in the fertile soil of you.

Own your mind, body, and soul… or someone else will.

When was the last time YOU were the only voice inside your mind? Or at least the loudest. Not the voice of society… your ex… your parents… your boss… etc.

Who do you hear now?

When was the last time you owned, embraced, and valued your body so powerfully, it wasn't an option to look at it with shame… disgust… rejection… abandonment?

What do you feel now?

When was the last time your soul felt light, full, vibrant? Connected to the whole web of life, love, and cosmic fertility that swims around us every second of every day - if we only tune into it…?

Are you connected now?

Own your mind, body, and soul… or someone else will.

Or bodies are the home, temple, vehicle for our souls. What happens when no one lives in them once these masterpieces designed to hold, nourish, and shelter life have been built?

The building begins to degrade… become weakened… weathered… unmaintained by a present, conscious occupant willing to love and care for its structure.

Maybe wanderers find it unclaimed and decide to move in and use it for their own means… but they aren't likely to care for it, because it's not theirs… and they'll move onto the next abandoned home when this one has been used up of its valuable resources and shelter.

Some may even use this empty shelter for less than stellar actions and intentions… They have no personal connection to it… no vested interest in its well-being.

They won't be bothered when it's left in worse condition than when they found it…

Own your mind, body, and soul… or someone else will.

What would it be like to shed the voices that haunt you?