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Mindset Moment!

My bestie and I have been doing a delicious journey of up leveling our ability to receive abundance, success, and even money from the universe!

This is definitely something we should all be mindful of, because even if we start off really strong with very conscious mindset choices and habits, we eventually have them slip and fade. Just like any other aspect of life. It's easy to break your exercise habits, your eating habits, your relationship habits, even your career habits! Then sometimes you need to reset and even exceed your previous goals and mindset beliefs, replacing them with even more powerful ones! And that's what she and I have been up to lately...

I wanted to share my current mindset magic in case you needed a bit of a reset for yourself!

As I'm sure you're all well aware, I see everything in life and shades of sexual intimacy. From the way the Sun nourishes the plants, to the way the plants penetrate the Earth, so the way the Earth gives birth to the plants and life anew!

I see it in the dance of Seduction between my lover and I, obviously... But also the dance of Seduction between myself and success! The seductive dance between myself and money... The seductive dance between myself and my body.

Everything is seduction and sex! And I'm not talking about the base form of sexual Recreation, I mean the multi-dimensional aspects of sex as spirituality, pleasure, self Evolution, discovery.

I just needed to give that little backstory so you would understand what I mean with my mindset Magic.

You see, I view the universe as my lover... Not just some inanimate Cosmic force that spits out random circumstance. We have a relationship. And I am the one who holds the power of setting the levels of intimacy, surrender, and seduction. My lover, the universe, can only seduce and woo me as much as I allow.

Well my loves, I am a hungry woman right now! And I'm ready to have my mind blown by my Universal lover...

These last two weeks I've been incredibly conscious about this Dynamic and how I've been moving through my relationship with the universe. And I've not been very happy about how neglectful and disconnected I've been in the last few months. It's shown!

So I've done some deep reflection and redirection of my sacred relationship! And the results have been phenomenal!

I feel like every day, every time I go out and interact with the world, and even sitting at home being seemingly disconnected, I'm having so many delicious opportunities come my way! From free food and beverages when I'm out, to discounts that weren't expected, to gifts of money from my handsome lover while he encourages me to go spoil myself as he's away and can't do it for me. The Indulgence just keeps on coming in!

I definitely feel like the world is trying to woo me as well! And I'm eating it up...

Pussy Magnetism (what I call my primal magic) has the World at my feet!

Every time I've had something good happen, I've let Joy just rush through my whole body and instead of saying things like "this never happens" or "better enjoy it now, so knows when I can afford it again" I'm saying things like "for meeeeeeee!? Omg, pussy, THANK YOU!" And " oh my goodness, you are spoiling me so much! What are you going to do next?!"

😍literally saying it out loud to Pussy and the universe!

And lo and behold, more miracles follow!

I'm imagining that the Universe is getting off on bringing me pleasure and me actually experiencing and receiving it.

How can we be allowing ourselves to receive deep pleasure, magic, and all of the things we desire when we aren't even allowing ourselves to be open in our receptivity?

Do you find yourself constantly diminishing the things that do come your way? Rejecting them? Redirecting them? Ignoring them? Discrediting them? Hoarding them? Are you still carrying a fear and scarcity mindset that maybe you don't deserve them, or if you accept them and get used to them, that they're just going to disappear and leave you disappointed?

Are you hiding behind walls of neutrality, mediocrity, and survival mindset patterns?

What would be different if you can allow yourself to take a break from the hustle and grind, to take a deep breath, close your eyes, sink into your body, let your arms and chest soften and open, let your pussy breathe and begin to sing her song of siren seduction to the world...