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How Does Your Relationship With Money Reflect Your Relationship With Love?

Money is pretty important! And it's one of the major reasons couples fight and break up (as many of us can attest).

But money, or the energy of money, on its own is completely neutral! It's neither good nor bad, it simply is. The way we manifest it, use it, abuse it, reject it, lust over it, etc, is simply a reflection of the way we do the same things in other parts of our lives.

So reflect with me for but a moment... how does your relationship with money reflect your relationship with love?

Do you reach for both while subtly pushing them away at the same time?

Do you blame all your misfortune and pain on them?

Do you set them on a pedestal and place all your hopes, dreams, and desires with them?

Do you long for them and sacrifice yourself over and over in effort to attain them?

Do you have a healthy connection to them?

Do they move towards you with ease?

Just observe...

I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments! It's always wild to see the way each aspect of our lives reflect the other...

The magic in that? Change one and you change them all... ♡♡♡

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