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Have You Met Your Inner Dragoness?

"Each woman holds more fire, passion, and pleasure potential within her body than she's likely ever been taught...

That's the magic of the Dragoness waiting to be released."

-Tabitha Jester


I started studying Jade/Yoni Egg practices over a year ago, and the power of them was pretty intense. Even though I'd been studying and practicing various forms of Tantra, Energy Healing, and Bodywork practices (amongst many other things) for around 13 years, nothing touched the power this practice held!

Those of you who've known me for a while or read about my journey know that my motivation for getting into the work I do now was inspired by MY OWN sensual and sexual dysfunctions. I struggled with libido and pleasure issues from the age of 19 and on, often feeling completely and utterly hopeless as I read forum after forum of women of all ages struggling with the same soul crushing deadness I was.

Dead Vagina Syndrome: loss of libido, diminished pleasure, pussy shut down!

Woman after woman reached out for help, understanding, hope of finding their passion and pleasure returned by some miraculous event...

And woman after woman told the tale of hopelessness at the diagnosis from their medical professionals that "they were physically fine, maybe they just weren't sexually inclined women.", or "that it's normal to have these issues, and unless you're in a bad relationship or have hormone and organ dysfunction, that's just the way it was going to be.".


That's it? That's all we get? The advice to "enjoy it while it lasts, cause when it's gone, it's gone."?

Numbness, dissociation, painful menstruation, PMS, mood swings, loss of libido, pelvic dysfunction, hormone imbalances, the list could go on! The list of all the things that we women tend to believe form the standard of our experiences during our lifetimes.

But what if they weren't?

What if there was something that could help us heal, move through, and unleash our Primal power in a very tangible and pleasurable way?

Something that could help us heal our sexual shutdowns, struggles, and inability to truly feel pleasure and orgasmic expression in every moment?

Something that could help our body balance in a holistic way, a sustainable way?

Something that could banish the heavy hopelessness we thought was our future?

I dare say the practice of Gemstone Eggs is it, and over the course of my study and use of this knowledge, I've felt amazing transformations withing my OWN Sensual and Sexual well-being!

Healing and suppleness returning to tight and restricted pelvic muscles....

Sensual waters flowing in my pussy after long droughts of dryness...

An endless spectrum of ever growing Orgasmic Sensations moving through my once numbed out and shutdown body...

The sheer relief at realizing *I* had so much more power, influence, and control over my ability to reclaim, feed, and sustain my libido...

And the powerful realization that as Sensual Women, we truly have NO LIMIT to the amount of pleasure our bodies can contain and experience!

These revelations rocked my world and fed the already blazing fire of Sensual Awakenings I've taken on as my mission and purpose on this planet!

I had to make this part of my teachings for other women...

As I researched further, I came across a legend of the creation of Jade and why it was so powerfully revered as a tool for vaginal/sexual well-being.

The legend stated that Jade was so valued because it was believed to have originated by the breath of Dragon's themselves, representing the most powerful fire and purest Yang energy. When placed in the most Yin place, our pussy, it's a powerful catalyst for healing, transformation, and pleasure as it completes the cosmic union between Yin and Yang. Feminine and Masculine. Water and Fire.

Hell yes! I'll take that!

I knew then that I'd be creating my own magical process that honored the Dragon magic and fire in it's most primal use... So onward went my creation of the Dragoness Archetype and Dragon Gemstone Egg Teachings!