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Becoming an Unforgettable Lover - Part 1

Ahhhhh, The Art of being an Unforgettable Lover... *starry eyes and dreamy smile*

The heady satisfaction of knowing that for years to come, you’ll be able to cause full body reactions in your lover with their simple remembrance…

The spine tingling feeling of those full body sensations moving through you in a moment of remembering a lover you won’t ever forget...

Oh.. pauses You DON’T know that feeling? Or that satisfaction?

Well damn. Let’s do something about that!

This week I’m sharing 5 tips over the next few days to help with this specifically! So turn off the distractions, get cozy, and let’s explore this sexy topic!

Slow Down!

Leanne groaned inwardly, but not from pleasure… Her lover, Brian, was lost to his rapid sexual rhythm and she wasn’t even moderately warmed up yet! Seriously… they’d kissed for all of 20 seconds, added a bit of rushed groping, and BAM he’s whipping in and pumping away like there’s a devil coming for him in 3 minutes time! Why couldn't he have given her a little more foreplay? Kissed her longer and let her warm up? Ugh... This was getting old.

If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard this same story (with different details and names of course), I’d be rich! Unhappy, but rich! Because that’s NO WAY to be experiencing the Primal Pleasure your and your Lover are capable of…

My sexy Gods and Goddesses… You need to SLOOOOOOOOW THE FUUUUUUCK DOOOOOOWN!

But just telling you that won’t cut it, because if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my years of working with those trying to shift their intimate patterns, it’s that people need things broken down to the most blunt and simple level possible, or they over complicate it and never apply it.

I'll be breaking down these 5 tips Leanne and her Lover can use to shift that unhappy intimate reality into the dreamy, steamy, unforgettable experience they both crave and are TOTALLY capable of creating!!!

So here we go!

Tip 1: Kiss like that’s all you’re allowed to do.

With all of our distractions, responsibilities, clusterfuckery in our minds, and time limits we put on things, kissing tends to be a momentary experience as we rush towards the goal of quickies and potential climaxes.

When we confine kissing to a quick hello or goodbye, or an obligatory lip-smacking before undoing belts and diving into each other's bodies, we miss the whole spectrum of magic awaiting us!

Kissing is the perfect opportunity to really check in with your lover, get a feel for what kind of energy they're sitting in, to really set the pace for everything that you want to bring out and enhance in your intimate session.

And this isn't just something you should do for your lover, you should also be using this time to check in with yourself!

Here are a few things to observe next time you’re kissing! Or just think back to the last time you kissed, did you notice any of the below tendencies?

-When you and your partner are kissing, how are you kissing? Are you doing quick little chicken pecks? Are your lips hard and taut?

This could be a good indicator that you're still more in your head than you are in your body. You're still disconnected and often business brain or stress brain, and not really trying to connect with your lover.

-Is your mouth passive? Do you feel like you're just going through the motions?

Is it possible that you don't really want to be physically intimate right now? Is there something you've been wanting to voice to your lover, that you haven't? Maybe that you want things to be done a little differently?

-Are you nipping, licking, moaning your pleasure as you channel all of your desire from your body into your mouth? Are your fingertips trailing passive heat and sensation across your Lover's face, neck, shoulders? Are your bodies pressed together, already beginning that Primal dance of passion and pleasure?

Mmmmmm, seems like you're in a pretty juicy place! These are those intoxicating kisses...

Seriously… Kissing isn’t a blip of the sensual journey, and it shouldn’t be glossed over like it is! Kissing can bring a man or woman to ORGASM by that alone! If you haven't done/felt that… You really need to keep reading.

So how do you make kissing an experience all of its own? I've got some more steemy tips for you...

Make eye contact.

Yes. Eye contact. Before your lips even touch, reach for your partner, pull them close, let your fingers caress from their eyebrows down the side of their face, over their cheekbones, to the corners of their mouth...

Maybe even trace the circle of their lips with your fingertips... Letting them continue down their neck, over their shoulders, tracing their collarbone... Letting yo