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The Art Of Self Seduction

We’re going to jump straight in, so if you haven’t read the post titled “The Value of Self Seduction”, read it HERE first.

Oooook! You ready to make some hot fire!? Definitely watch the video, but enjoy the questions here for easy answering and reflection.

Part One

I’d like to begin by speaking to your Dreamy Desires… this will be the fuel that feeds our later actions!

I’ll share some of my own desires in response so you can see an example to hopefully inspire your own.

Reflection Questions:

  • What are your dreamy desires in a lover? Attentive, sensitive to my emotions and desires, curious, asking questions and applying my responses, proactive in seduction and connection, etc.

  • What emotions, feelings, and magic do you want to receive from a lover? Worshiped, adored, desired, respected, mesmerized, bespelled, utterly intoxicated by me, etc.

  • What are your ideal elements of sustained seduction from a lover? Regular moments of passion and touch throughout the day, words of adoration flowing consistently, mutual worship and respect, being a priority for relationship magic time -not always sexual, a continuous feeding of our sensual fire with random acts and moments.

  • What Love Languages do you want your lover to be fluent in with you? ALL OF THEMMMM! Seriously. I want them all, end of story.

  • What loving and sensual experiences are you craving? Slow touch!!! Being attentive explored. Playing with ALL aspects of sensuality and our senses. Erotic dinner? Yes. Massage? Yes. Read me sexy poetry or stories? Yes.

  • How often do you want to experience these beautiful experiences? Daily, mother fucker! I’m HUNGRY!!!

  • How much time would you love to have dedicated to this? If you were sharing this time with a partner, how long would you want to share? Give yourself a healthy slice of this, don’t be stingy simply because it’s only YOU involved for this part.

  • Will you set it aside NOW in your schedule? Even if it's only 15 minutes a day. I PROMISE everyone can fit this in if they’re willing to make it a priority.

*NOTE* Most of us likely waste much more time than that scrolling social media feeds. Seriously. So what rates higher?

Bonus: If you’re creatively inclined with writing or storytelling, write a fantasy piece containing all the reflection questions above!

Part Two

Next we’re diving into your body! We’ll do this using the information from the above questions.


By YOU embodying BOTH your Dreamy Lover AND Yourself!

This is my FAVORITE thing to teach, The Art of Becoming Your OWN Best Lover!

There isn’t time to dive into it all today, but here is the first place I’d love to invite you to begin.

Using the information above, I want you to find a quiet space and begin giving YOURSELF the desires elements.

Don’t make this complicated… Just pick something and start!

Here’s a sexy suggestion:

Go find a series of sensational tools for touch. Don’t take forever, just run around and grab a few things real quick. Don’t make this a huge ordeal, or you probably won’t get around to doing it.

Here are some ideas:

  • A feather

  • Various types of paint brushes or makeup brushes

  • Silk

  • Velvet

  • Leather

  • Gemstones (polished only, please! No need to scratch up your gorgeous skin!)

  • Something cold (the outside surface of a cup holding iced beverage)

  • Something warm (the outside surface of a cup holding warmed beverage)

Other ways to explore your Dreamy Lover as yourself are:

  • Embody one of your desired aspects in the way you talk to yourself. What if you spoke to yourself the way you want your Dreamy Lover to?

  • What if you touched yourself that way as well?