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Have you created your Pleasure Playbook yet?

Welcome to the Pleasure Playbook Experience!


A fun and powerful experience where you’ll create your own Pleasure Playbook...


Book of Shadows for Self and Partnered Seduction...


A Handbook for Hotness...


Ebook to Ecstasy...


I could think of all kinds of funny names! But you get the idea!  

I'd love to take you (and a lover) on a sensual adventure that’s going to help you find the keys to your Kingdom of Pleasure! I’ll do this by helping you with: 


❣️ Discovering your own Pleasure Ritual- that magical set of actions that let your mind and body know it’s time to leave the workday behind and get ready for some sexy exploration!

 ❣️ Identifying what turns you on AND off so you and your partner can connect and create sensual magic together without all the anxiety, awkward moments, and fuss!

❣️ Learning HOW to communicate your likes and dislikes in a sexy way your partner will appreciate and be happy to accommodate!  


❣️ Diving into some of your fantasies and desires you’ve been drooling over, but haven’t quite had the nerve to make happen, for one reason or another!

In this experience, you'll receive:

❣️ An E-book Copy of The Pleasure Playbook you can print and use over and over again by yourself OR with your lover!

❣️ An Audio Meditation on Accessing and Activating your Body Senses and Releasing Sexual Shame and Blocks!

❣️ A Two-Part Audio Guide you (and your lover) can listen to and follow to make your experience most powerful and intimate as you have thought cues, examples, and thought questions you can chat about and use to share your sensual desires with more ease, vulnerability, and intimacy!

***Take Note! The Original Pleasure Playbook Experience included a Private Coaching Session that's referenced in the Class Content. THIS special does NOT include a Private Coaching session.


However, if you'd like to add those on, I'd be happy to do so with a 15% off promo. Simply send me a message in the contact box below, and I'll get that set up!

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