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Welcome to Pleasure!

Welcome to the Pleasure Playbook Experience!


I can't WAIT for you to get started!!! Here and a few tips to get the most out of this experience:


❣️ Put it on the Schedule! Don't leave this to the random moments you and your lover might have in the evenings or weekends between other tasks... You both deserve better than that! Set aside a few hours (or even book a weekend away) where cell phones are off, kids are cared for, and no distractions get to come between you and your lover as you reconnect (or between you and yourself if you're doing this just for you).

 ❣️ Make it Special!!! Make some extra effort (and include your lover in on this too, let both of you be active contributors) by creating a sexy, relaxing, and intimate space. Light candles, neaten up, order your favorite food so no one is worried about cooking... Who knows, you both may decide you need some hands on exploration between sensual questions... *wink wink*

❣️ Leave the Excuses, Inhibitions, Projections, and Fears at the door! This is time for you and your partner to recreate your intimate experiences... give the BOTH of you room to grow, expand, and evolve in intimacy together.

So let's get this sexy party started!

P-1 Pleasure Playbook - Tabitha Jester
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P-2 Pleasure Playbook - Tabitha Jester
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For easy and repeat access, I've added the Meditation as a separate audio below,  There's no need to listen to it before you do the other audios as it's included in the beginning of Part 1, but you can always use it again as a standalone practice as often as you so desire!

Meditation Replay - Tabitha Jester
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And remember, you're more than welcome to message me with any questions and thoughts! I LOVE hearing from my clients! If any of your concerns need a little extra help, we can definitely set you up with a coaching session of two to get you set on the right path for YOUR Primal Pleasure!

Sending you tons of sexy love,