Make Your Ordinary Love

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Are you ready to become a

Fire Breathing, Pleasure Bathing, Orgasmic Dragoness?

❣️ Do you feel like your relationship to your Pussy and Pleasure is a Love/Hate connection?


❣️ Are your orgasms run-of-the-mill-pussy-hiccups? Popcorn orgasms that are nice to have, but the effects don’t linger and truly feed you?


❣️ Do you prefer to have your Pleasure come from a Lover rather than yourself?


❣️ When was the last time you touched, looked at, and got swept away by sheer wonder and amazement at your Pussy?


❣️ Have you woken up and unleashed your Witchy, Dragoness Woman powers of Pleasure and Bliss?


❣️ Do you want to?


Then pleeeeeease keep reading!

Female Orgasms and Body Ownership have become a hot topic lately, and it’s about time! But even though we’re finally able to have healthy conversations about our bodies, our pleasure, and our wounding, simply talking about it won’t give us the necessary tools we need to overcome the issues we’ve struggled with in the past!


In fact, ONLY talking about it can actually make our sensual struggles MORE potent!


The only way to truly create powerful and lasting change in our hearts, minds, and bodies is to educate ourselves, make ourselves a priority, and to rediscover what pleasure and satisfaction FEEEEELS like in our bodies again!


Trying to change our sensual problems with the same level of awareness, belief, and behavior that has fed our unsatisfying cycles for years ISN’T going to work…


So how much longer will you do what you’ve been doing, get what you’ve been getting, and questioning your lovability, desirability, and pleasure-ability before it finally gets old?


How much longer will you continue to place your Pussy Power, Pleasure, and Potential in the hands of other people? Other circumstances? Other actions? Other limitations?


What if you could go on a sensual, solo, and pleasurable journey WITH yourself, FOR yourself, ABOUT yourself?


What if you could learn WHAT Orgasmic Sensation was, busting all the BS myths about what you should be feeling, doing, and enjoying?


What if you could learn HOW Pleasure and Orgasmic Sensation moves through your body in a shamelessly authentic way?

You’re NOT a Porn Star, you don’t get paid to fake pleasure, so stop accepting fake pleasure!

Unless you're a Porn Star getting paid to act blissed out of your mind, STOP!!!!!


You're not just hurting yourself, you're also hurting your partner... No one wants to feel like their efforts aren't good enough, and when you hide (or don't know) your true desire from your lover, you're telling them exactly that.




Because they CAN'T please you if you're passive, mute, and numb to your OWN body and bliss! How the fuck are they supposed to know what to do if you don't tell them, show them, and guide them?


And how can you do that when you don't even KNOW what to tell, show, and guide???


What a mess, right?


I get it... I tried the mute attempts at telepathy in the bedroom for years as well... *sheepish grin* I also got the same results as you...


Bland bedroom experiences... Lost orgasms... Loss of desire... and resentment at my lover AND my body.


Not exactly the recipe for soul sex, legendary love, and magic in relationships!


So what do you do?


Well, you've got options...


You can keep doing what you're doing and getting what you're getting indefinitely...




You can make the choice to take charge of the situation within YOURSELF first, get the tools you need to awaken your voice AND body, and then invite your lover to relearn your body and bliss as well.


The path to Sensual Self Mastery is wide, large, and varied... But I've got an offer of ONE of my favorite ways to accomplish exactly that!



Now Introducing...

Dragon Yoni Egg




Dragon Yoni Egg Mastery is a powerful, fun, and life-changing virtual group experience uniting pleasure hungry and empowered Women on the path to more deeply Owning, Exploring, and Applying the Primal Pleasure their body was made for!


From learning to access their Authentic Sensual Voice, to identifying their Pleasure Rituals, and unleashing the different types of Orgasms their body has been seeking for healing, this is a class designed for women looking to advance and expand their bliss and pussy power. Whether they have a lover or not!


Dragon Yoni Egg Mastery was created for:


❣️ The Woman who’s TIRED of feeling like her pleasure is an act of Chance, Struggle, and Inconsistent Success!


❣️ The Woman who’s DONE Making, Taking, and Believing in Excuses, Limitations, and Scraps of her Dreams and Desires!


❣️ The Woman who’s READY to make a solid Commitment to her Body, Pleasure, and Desire!


❣️ The Woman who’s READY to open her Mind, Heart, and Body to Change, Healing, and Expansion!


❣️ The Woman who’s READY to MAKE and KEEP a promise of Love, Consideration, and Respect for her OWN body, bliss, and value!



Classes ongoing, register now!

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In Dragon Yoni Egg Mastery

for 1 payment of $297

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Mastery Details


What do I get as a Dragoness Attending?

❣️ Private access to the 4-week Event

❣️ x3 90min Group Coaching Calls (replays included)

❣️ Videos, Audios, and PDF Workbooks



❣️ Dragon Yoni Egg Beginner’s Class ($97 Value)

❣️ Women’s Primal Pleasure Facebook Group (Priceless!)

❣️ Your Guide to Female Ejaculatory Orgasms Ebook ($19 Value)


What You’ll Learn in Dragon Yoni Egg Mastery


Dragon Yoni Egg Beginner’s Activation (Bonus Class - $97 Value):

❣️ Types of Gemstone Eggs and Sizes

❣️ How Cleanse, Insert, and Remove your Yoni Egg

❣️ Pussy Breathing; Rediscovering the Connection between Breath and Pussy

❣️ How to do a proper Up Kegel and Down Kegel PDF

❣️ Strength and Dexterity Exercises

❣️ How to Assess Your Pelvic Floor to know what exercises will best help you meet your healing goals

❣️ Vaginal Self Massage for Pussy Healing and Pleasure Activation


Awakening Exercises:

❣️ Quad Warm-up; Discovering & Playing Your Pussy Flute

❣️ Accessing Your Inner Pussy Landscape, a Guided Meditative Journey

❣️ Hormone Activation and Balancing through Breathwork and Energy Movement

❣️ Vaginal, Breast, and Body Massage for Self Healing and Pleasure

❣️ Primal Pleasure Ritual Creation and Application

❣️ Sharing Yoni Egg Pleasure with a Lover

❣️ Orgasmic Barrier Busting; Free and Unleash the Pleasure Your Body has been Craving

❣️ Activating the Voice of your Pussy for Sexy and Compelling Communication and Authentic Expression


Expansion Teachings:

❣️ An Introduction to Sexual Reflexology; Healing and Balancing Your Body Through Bliss

❣️ Breast Massage for Health, Empowerment, and Nipplegasms cause, why not???)

❣️ Sex Energy Manifestation Magic; Let Your Pleasure Magnetize Your Desires

❣️ Orgasmic Expansion and Awakening; Beyond Popcorn Orgasms

Making Pussy a Priority

❣️ Creating and Enjoying Primal Pussy Rituals for easy and fast Pussy Power


What is a Dragon Yoni Egg?


Dragon Yoni Eggs are beautiful carved egg shaped gemstones designed to be inserted into the Vaginal Canal for Strength, Dexterity, Sensation Enhancement, Body Awareness, and Healing of blocked energy/emotions, as well as rebalancing Pelvic Floor issues (with proper use).


Do I have to have a Dragon Yoni Egg to take this class?


Nope! Though this class features Dragon Yoni Eggs, all of the exercises, tips, tricks, and information can still be practiced and used in powerful and pleasurable ways in your personal practice.


So if you don't love the idea of having internal and sexy jewelry/healing tools for your pussy, you can still treat your pussy like royalty! And learn how to get others to as well…


Dragon Yoni Eggs are simply a tool to help women focus, experience sensation, and add a little Saucy fun to their Sexual Awakening and Reclamation!

In closing...

What would having access to your Primal Pussy Power mean to you?

❣️ To be able to enjoy powerful self pleasure techniques that DON'T require a lover?

❣️ To be able to have full body orgasms on a regular basis?

❣️ To feel tighter, firmer, and more confident as you learn more about your orgasmic abilities and gifts?

❣️ To heal and correct your Pelvic imbalances (incontinence, numbness, pain, atrophy, hyper tight or weak muscles, organ prolapse, etc)?

❣️ To recognize that EVERY woman is an ORGASMIC woman? Yes. That means you.

❣️ To have the tools, skills, and ability to let your juicy, feminine magic of Pleasure ATTRACT all your desires TO you?

❣️ To finally reclaim your body from all the old beliefs, experiences, habits, and blockages that have been stunting your growth as a sensual and sexual Dragoness?



Breeeeeathe your fire of magic, bliss, and ecstasy with me, beloved sister! The world has been waiting on you...

Will you finally arrive?

Enroll Now

In Dragon Yoni Egg Mastery

for 1 payment of $297

By clicking the "Sign Me Up!" Button, you're automatically agreeing to the Terms, Service, and Release of Liability Agreement with Tabitha Jester, LLC. Read those HERE.