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For my 


Primal Women




Yoni Egg Classes

Virtual Group and Solo Events for Awakening Your Pussy Power, Healing Your Pelvic FLoor Dysfunction, and Reclaiming Your Body in Healing and Pleasurable ways!

Awakening Feminine


Unlock your Pleasure Potential and Discover the Orgasmic Powers your WHOLE Body Holds!

Seduction Skills Of

The Dragoness

You've Claimed your Body, Unleashed your Primal Pleasure, and now you're ready to Share with your Primal Partner! 

Enhance and Learn New Sensual Skills for not just Primal and Powerful Sex, but also for Intimate Communication, Every-day Eroticism, but also in calling forth the Primal GOD in your Man!

for my

 Primal Couples


Pleasure Playbook

Rekindle that New Relationship Sizzle (or establish it properly in the beginning) with this Virtual Home-study Audio and Workbook mini program!


4-Day Home

Tanrtic Retreat

Deepen, Explore, and Enhance your Sensual and Sexual Intimacy with your partner, all from the Comfort and Privacy of your OWN Home

And for my

 Primal Men

The Primal


Man Awakening

A Virtual Sensual Re-Education for Men looking to Awaken and Powerfully Embody their Primal Cock Power!


The Primal


Man Unleashed

A New Approach to Sensual and Sexual Mastery for the Awakened Man