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Dragon Yoni Egg Activation

This powerful, fun, and sexy activation will be hosted online via Zoom Video Conference! Those who can't attend live will have fast and lifetime access to the replay recordings!


Event Details

Who is this event for?

Women of all walks, ages, and locations who are READY to begin the journey of Sensual and Holistic Pussy Awakening through the use of Dragon Yoni Egg Practices!

This is designed for women new to these practices, so there's no need to worry about where you currently are on your path of sensual evolution.


This event is an ideal starting place as you learn many foundation teachings and techniques that can be tweaked and easily adjusted based on your own authentic needs and comfort levels.

However, if you can't wrap your head around TOUCHING and LOOKING at your Pussy; Enjoying pleasurable, orgasmic stirrings; healing your dysfunctions; Laughing, crying, and shamelessly celebrating your feminine gifts; And seeing massive magic happen through Pussy Power, this probably isn't for you.

What do I get as an Attendee?

Private Access to the 2-week Event!

  • This activation will take place over a 2-week time frame and each call will be around 90 minutes. In between calls, you'll be receiving additional teachings, tips, and tricks while also having access to me for any questions, celebrations, and epiphanies that come up!

A Private 1-1 follow up call (20 mins)

  • We'll use this time to personally see how your practice is flowing, to help with any stuck issues, and to help you deepen your practice powerfully

PDF, Video, and Audio Exercises

  • These exercises and techniques will be for activating your body's natural healing abilities, strengthening your sensation and vaginal dexterity, healing womb imbalances; growing your Primal Sex Energy; enhancing your orgasmic ability and experiences; and resolving your Pelvic imbalances and dysfunctions

Next class starting June 12th, 2018

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Enroll Now

In Dragon Yoni Egg Activation

for 1 payment of $155

(Normally $197)

Sexy Bonuses!!!


Beginners Orgasmic Manifestation Ritual

  • Now that you know how to access and raise your Primal Sexy Energy, I'll teach you how to USE it!!!



A Private and Exclusive Group

  • Embrace a community of like-minded and awakening woman reclaiming their pleasure birthright and supporting and celebrating each other in the process


Lifetime Access to the Replay Recordings

  • No need to stress about taking notes, forgetting something, or doing something wrong after the calls. You'll be able to go back and refresh yourself with these recordings whenever you need it!

Here's what you'll learn:

Getting Started:

  • History and Holistic Benefits of the of the Dragon Yoni Egg practice.

  • Health, Hygiene and Safety with Your Dragon Yoni Egg

  • Insertion, Cleansing and Removal of Your Egg.

  • Learn to Program your Yoni Egg for Healing and Manifestation, know what size Yoni Egg and what TYPE of gemstone you'll need to attain your healing and pleasure goals!

Self Exploration:

  • Vaginal exercises for strengthening, tightening, toning, and maintaining juicy and vibrant vaginal health.

  • Techniques to become aware of AND activate your pelvic floor and vaginal muscles for powerful pleasure and healing.

  • Exercises like the Quad Warm-up, Sexual Reflexology, Vaginal and Breast Massage, Pelvic Floor Self Assessments, and much more!



Sensual Mastery:

  • How to awaken your sensuality, creativity, passion and libido through regular practice.

  • How to create stronger orgasms and control sexual sensations, enabling you to direct them to all areas of your body.

  • How to tap into the full uses and holistic healing power of this sensual and limitless practice!

  • Exercises like Dragon Yoni Egg Breathing, and Visualization Techniques, Hormone Activation and Balancing, Manifestation Magic, and more!



What would having access to your Pussy Power mean to you? 

  • To be able to enjoy powerful self pleasure techniques that DON'T require a lover?

  • To be able to have full body orgasms on a regular basis?

  • To feel tighter, firmer, and more confident as you learn more about your orgasmic abilities and gifts?

  • To heal and correct your Pelvic imbalances (incontinence, numbness, pain, atrophy, hyper tight muscles, etc)?

  • To recognize that EVERY woman is an ORGASMIC woman? Yes. That means you.

  • To have the tools, skills, and ability to let your juicy, feminine magic of Pleasure ATTRACT all your desires TO you?

  • To finally reclaim your body from all the old beliefs, experiences, habits, and blockages that have been stunting your growth as a sensual and sexual Dragoness?



Breeeeeathe your fire of magic, bliss, and ecstasy with me, beloved sister! The world has been waiting on you...

Will you finally arrive?

Enroll Now

In Dragon Yoni Egg Activation

for 1 payment of $155

(Normally $197)

By clicking the "Sign Me Up!" Button, you're automatically agreeing to the Terms, Service, and Release of Liability Agreement with Tabitha Jester, LLC. Read those HERE.