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Primal Man!

This program is a mini version of The Primal Man Unleashed, and you'll find references to other content in that program in some of your lessons below. If you want access to the whole enchilada, visit this page to learn more!


But for now, let's jump into your Primal Awakening! Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of this program!

Pace Yourself.

This isn't a race to the finish-line, it's a journey back to yourself. Taking your time to really absorb and process the content in this program will be much more effective than blasting through it and missing the magic it holds.

Grab a good Journal!

You're going to have a lot of "Ah-hah!" moments, I have no doubt! Having a way to process and record that is AMAZING for integration and later reflection.

If you're not a writer, use the voice recording app on your phone and really give yourself space to verbally dump everything that comes up. You'll thank me later!

Schedule your Personal time!

You'll want to set aside time to not only dive in to the content, but also to implement it.


Even if it's only a few minutes while you get ready for the day, play an audio in the background and follow along with your exercises as you can.

So let's Get Started

Use the buttons below to access your desired content!

Self care, Self-Exploration, and Self-Mastery

A guide for the Primal Man


Seduction starts with YOU

Who ARE you, Primal Man??? Your Journey begins NOW!

Sex Energy  and Polarity in Relationships

Sex Energy is the primal life force energy that innervates everything around us. It's what gives us life! You could call it Chi/Qi, you could call it Prana, you can call it Universal Creative Energy, Source Energy, the Breath of God.

No matter your name for it, we're all made of it and using it with each breath we take!


Even in our relationships and seduction...

Listen to the teaching audio below to get a deeper understanding of this greatly unused skill and tool for super sex and deep love!

Access your Sex Essence Quiz and optional Companion Audio here:

Part 2 - Sex Essence - Tabitha Jester
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Part 1 - Sex Essence - Tabitha Jester
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Quiz Companion - Tabitha Jester
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Know Thy Cock as Thyself; Accessing and Unleashing Your Primal Cock Power!

You didn't think we were just going to be talking about Female seduction, did you? *cheeky grin* No... we're also talking about YOURS!


Understanding and Exploring Male Orgasmic Potential & Myths

Full body orgasms, multiple orgasms, to ejaculate or NOT to ejaculate... THAT is the exploration! 

Recharging your Man Magic through Primal Pleasure Rituals

How do you activate and feed your Cock Power? Your Man Magic? Let's find out!

Bonus Primal Cock Power Rituals PDF

P1 Orgasmic Mythbusting - Tabitha Jester
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P2 Orgasmic Mythbusting - Tabitha Jester
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The Art of Feminine Seduction & Orgasmic Potential

Demystifying the Feminine Body

Cultivating Erotic Curiosity; How each Feminine Pleasure Center works and can be stimulated

5 Tips for Becoming an Unforgettable Lover

Forget about run-of-the-mill relationship interaction and sex... Take these 5 Tips to REALLY unleash your magical super-powers of sensual seduction!

Orgasmic Potentials and Secrets

Exploring Orgasmic Potential; Orgasmic Sensations, Types, Full Body and Multiple Orgasms for TWO

Part 1- Erotic Zones - Tabitha Jester
00:00 / 00:00
Part 2 - Erotic Zones - Tabitha Jester
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P1 Orgasmic Types - Tabitha
00:00 / 00:00
P2 Orgasmic Types - Tabitha Jester
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Ready to learn more???
Message me in the box below (or messenger, etc), and let me know what you'd like to learn next!
  • Relationship communication?
  • Dating help?
  • Rekindling romance and sizzle?
  • Working on some deeper goals in your own pleasure potential?
I've got you, Primal Man! I have tons more content, and a pretty extensive toolbox of tricks, if I do say so myself... Let's dive in!
Your Primal Pleasure Activator, Tabitha