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The Primal


Man Awakening

A Virtual Sensual Re-Education for Men looking to Awaken and Powerfully Embody their Primal Cock Power!



I'm glad you've decided to visit my page and have a look at how I'm providing solutions to Self & Sensual Issues the Men around me face each and every day...

Issues like:

💥 Knowing how to Own and Apply your Primal Cock Power without being seen as an guy just looking for a good time

💥 Knowing how to Approach and Connect with the Women around you in a way that Invites them to take off the Battle Armor and Meeeeeeelt with you

💥Understanding how Women REALLY work, instead of guessing and hitting wall after unsatisfying wall

💥 Getting the deep inner view of how your Primal Sexual Essence enhances OR sabotages your romantic interactions when you don't know how they work

💥Knowing how Male and Female Bodies receive and experience Sensual and Sexual Pleasure in different ways AND knowing how to work that Deliciously for Unforgettable Intimate Moments

Wanna know more? 

Keep reading to learn what this Powerful, yet Manageable, Awakening Program contains...




This Program Includes the Following Features:

💥8 Audio and PDF Lessons 


💥Private Members Only Page with Lifetime Access to current and updated teaching files


💥Email access for light help understanding and integrating (for deep work, private coaching sessions can be added)

Self care, Self-Exploration, and Self-Mastery

A guide for the Primal Man

Who ARE you, Primal Man?

💥 Yin-Yang Balance and Polarity; How does your Primal Sex Essence make you sizzle?

💥 Know Thy Cock As Thyself; What Feeds and Kills Your Primal Cock Power?

💥 Male Orgasmic Myths & Potential; Do you know what Your Body is REALLY Capable of?


💥Recharging your Man Magic through Primal Pleasure Rituals!

The Art of Feminine Seduction

And Orgasmic Potential

How to Demystify Your Woman's Pleasure Needs to Become an Unforgettable Lover

💥 Cultivating Erotic Curiosity; How each Feminine Pleasure Center works and can be Stimulated​ for Sensual Experiences NEITHER of you will soon be forgetting!

💥 5 Tips for becoming an Unforgettable Lover


💥 Exploring Orgasmic Expression & Types; Full Body and Multiple Orgasms for TWO

Sexy Bonus!

Bonus Primal Cock Power Ritual guide

​Not sure what Rituals to create? Don't worry! I've got you covered...

This PDF holds multiple suggested Rituals your can take, customize, and enjoy immediately! 

Using these Rituals is a YOU thing, but your Lover will DEFINITELY appreciate them as well... 



This ISN'T for you if you're not willing to be raw, real, and vulnerable with yourself OR others (your lover, yourself) as you embark upon this journey of self mastery and expansion.

This ISN'T for you if you're attached to the old ways of viewing sex, intimacy, and your partner as a tool for self gratification and "pump and dump" mentality.

This ISN'T for you if you're not willing to invest time, reflection, and effort into yourself and your relationships.

This ISN'T for you if you're looking for a quick fix, trick, or way around your lifestyle and relationship patterns. 


This IS for you if you're ready to break free of your own self sabotage, shame, and limited thinking and habits around yourself and your lover (or future lover, if you're single).

This IS for you if you're ready to expand your perceptions and experiences in not only your physical actions and enjoyments of sex and intimacy, but also the emotional, mental, and spiritual experiences!

This IS for you if you're willing to make your self evolution a priority. I'm not asking for hours every day. 5-15 minutes will see you having radical shifts! Not just in the way you interact with your lover, but also in the way you approach and view yourself and the world as a whole.

This IS for you if your looking to make a powerful LIFESTYLE change as a continually awakening and emerging man of Power, Authenticity, and Presence in ALL aspects of your life.

Ready to take the leap from Ordinary Love and Intimacy to Out-Of-This-World Sensual Awakening???

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