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Beginning with my own journey back to my primal self, I embraced the lifestyle of a Soulful Sensualist back in 2005 and have never looked back! 

My path towards healing my mind, body, and libido revealed to me the deep lack of empowering education and exploration in this vital area held by women of all ages, lifestyles, and walks around the world. 

Since then, it's been my passion and pleasure to awaken the sensual and erotic aspects we ALL hold within, yet so many women aren't experiencing in a way that feels authentic, powerful, and in alignment with their own souls. 
This is the true power our primal pleasure holds.

Pleasure is not a means of avoiding the world through escapism and vices, but is the means of engaging and impacting the world through our deepest soul passion and gifts. 
Pleasure is a life skill.

Have you awakened yours?

About Me: About Me
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