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About Me

"It's my passionate belief that EVERY woman is capable of sustainable, deep, and mind blowing relationship experiences! She may just not yet know it for herself.."

Tabitha addresses sensual and sexual issues from a holistic, energetic, and integrated approach to help get clients get powerful healing and results. From foundational skills like accessing your authentic voice for effective and intimate communication to solo sensual practices to reawaken and revitalize "dead vaginas" for pleasure practices every woman craves, even if she doesn't know it yet, Tabitha is passionate about meeting each woman where she is and equipping them to move far beyond what they thought themselves capable of.


Some of Tabitha's education and 13 years of healing experience includes:


  • Licensed Massage Therapist; Specializing in Chronic Pain and Alignment Resolution


  • Certified Rehab Yoga Therapist; Specializing in Yoga as a tool to regain Balance, Function, and Healing in Pain patterns and Misalignment without creating more Dysfunction


  • Certified Tantric Therapist; Specializing in the Art of applying Sensual and Sexual Energy and Experiences for Healing, Manifestation, Pleasure, and Shameless Self-ownership


  • Certified Sensual Healing Therapist and Goddess Gemstone Egg Practitioner; Specializing in using Dragon Gemstone Eggs for reawakening Pussy Power and Pussy Pleasure!


  • Primal Pleasure Activator; Specializing in teaching powerful self-reflection and self healing skills to allow for deep & intimate relationship Connection, Rejuvenation, and Creation through a powerful integration of healing techniques, communication skills, and transformational tools acquired through many years of coaching, self-study, and various spiritual exploration into shamanism, ritual ceremony, and ancient practices.

In her Own Words:


I've been working with women seeking to reclaim their lost sensuality and sexuality for over 3 years with 10 additional years as a Holistic Healing Therapist. My journey with helping others heal has been the most amazing, rewarding, and humbling experience of my life.

I’d love to tell you a bit about my story, and what brought me to where I am today. How I went from being a Victim of my sexual and sensual abilities, to a Vixen who owns them fully and knows how to use them to create a wildly amazing life!


I began this journey many years ago when I was a young woman of 19. I'd never really thought much about my sexuality and sensuality growing up, it wasn't something that was really discussed. Encouraged. Honored.


When it was discussed, it was usually with singular focus of sex between a man and a woman that were married, for procreation. I was made to feel very ashamed of myself as a sexual being. Like sex was something dangerous, something I needed to avoid, something that was only to be shared in the secrecy of my bedroom when I was married, and anything beyond that was unacceptable.


I didn’t know it went beyond that. And many women still don’t!


The Slow Death Of My Sexuality...


So when I found myself newly married and suddenly missing my sex drive, I was a mess! I was finally able to enjoy guilt free sexual intimacy, and then the ability to do so vanished! Somehow, in 6 months time, I’d gone from fucking in dressing rooms with my man, to not even wanting to be looked at intimately.


That yummy feeling of him coming up behind me and kissing my neck went from toe curling to bone chilling.


I cringed at his touch, out of the blue everything made me ticklish.


I began to dread bedtime because I knew he’d want some lovin’.


I’d wait to shower until he left for work, hoping that if he didn’t see me naked, he’d forget about desiring me.


I felt like my body was my enemy. Like it had betrayed me and stopped working!


It didn’t take him long to notice. And then it got worse.


I remember sitting in front of the computer one night after he’d gone to bed, googling “Low sex drive at 20” and finding forum after forum of women of all ages with the same problems as me… They felt love and attraction, but no sex drive. So many pain filled stories, and no solutions...


Add in the fights, the deterioration of our communication and connection, my own fears, pain, confusion, and humiliation, and I was left feeling like my only option to save my relationship was to lay face down on the bed while he pounded away on top of me, seeming completely oblivious to the tears soaking the pillows.


To the silence of my voice and body.


To the fact that I wasn’t truly there anymore.


I felt myself burning with rage, pain, and shame… but felt helpless to do anything about it.


So I shut myself down, bit by bit until I was simply a shadow going through the motions. A mere fraction of who I really was, and wanted to be.


Disconnected from all feelings beyond the safe every day ones.


But, as many of you know, the soul will only be silent for so long.


After three years, I asked for a divorce. I knew something was wrong, but I still didn’t know what it was! All my efforts to find help were met with dead ends and affirmations that I was broken. That my body just didn’t work right.


“Low libido only hits women going through menopause... You’re too young to know what low libido is.“ “You’re just being difficult, give him what he wants, or he’ll cheat.” “Men need sex, women don’t. Everyone knows that! Just get over it.” “Maybe it’s him then, ditch him and go fuck someone else!”


That was the advice I was given…That’s the comfort and support I found.


“Just get over it.”.


So I did!


I later explored all the options to one extent or another!  And though I found I did indeed still know how to experience sexual pleasure with others, the amount of shame and self loathing that came with it made me feel ten times worse!


Those feelings of guilt drove me into another long term relationship that held even more pain. More loss of sexual vitality, more physical shut down, more emotional abuse, more erosion of my soul, more fear that I truly wasn’t capable of maintaining passion in an intimate relationship.


My partner couldn’t understand why I didn’t have desire anymore… His insecurities came out as trust issues, accusations, and continuous arguments that I must be cheating, or using sex as a weapon against him.


Again, I felt lost, alone, broken, and betrayed by my body.


“I’m a man, I have needs! If you won’t meet them, someone else will!” He told me over and over again. Eventually, others did meet those needs.


After that, I was terrified that I would never have true and sustainable passion. That I wasn’t made for relationships. That I was just going to jump from one man to another if I wanted to experience sustainable sex, passion, and pleasure.


The Revelation!


But deep within myself there was this huge and resounding NO! Something  about this wasn’t right! Surely I wasn’t doomed to a life void of deep connection, love, and intimacy…


My years of bodywork therapy kicked in and I felt the urge to look deeper… to find that wise inner voice. That voice of my body.


“Why!?” I asked it one pain filled day after I found myself single again, filled with anger, resentment, and frustration.


Why did I lose my sexuality over and over again? Why did my body literally close up! Make sex not even an option!


Why did my body betray me? Fill me with longing and then leave me empty and numb?


The answer shocked me to the core.


“You stopped listening…” my body said. “You didn’t hear my soft whispers of guidance… You ignored my warnings… You rejected my help… What else could I do? You shut me down.”


It brought me to tears as I saw a flood of images lining up with my experiences…


Times when I’d ignored my intuition, my gut instincts about people, or situations. I saw the gradual silencing as I ignored my body's messages.


The one that brought me to my knees was seeing that when my vagina literally closed up and made sex too painful to stand was right after the time my ex started having multiple affairs. Talk about Dead Vagina Syndrome!


My mind didn’t know about the affairs, it took months for me to find that out! But my body did.


It was with these revelations that I finally understood that our body is truly our greatest gift in this lifetime!


It's our gateway to our life force energy, our vehicle to experience and create life (children, careers, relationships, etc), our greatest source of knowledge and direction!


The one thing that gives us the ability to not just experience life, but to access the deep inner knowing of how to experience it in a way that honors our souls and our purposes.


You don’t need a crystal ball, my sweets… You just need to learn to listen to and experience your body...


After The Reawakening...


In connecting with and trusting my intuition and body's messages, I’ve been able to create a life that fills me with passion, pleasure, and satisfaction on every level, every day! I can now freely access limitless creative energy that I can direct into any area of my life that needs a little extra power!


My relationships are amazing! I'm able to connect fully, deeply, and powerfully with people in a way that invites healing instead of pain. Pleasure instead of numbness. I'm able to confidently choose great partners to share intimacy with in a different way, if that's the type of connection I desire.


My career has lit on fire! I doubled my income within the first year, and have continued to see it climb steadily! I have people regularly seeking me out with offers of support, promotion, and joint venture partnership opportunities. And yes, my intuition and body messages help me choose the best ones for me.


Within myself, I've been able to finally learn that my sexuality is MINE! It's not given to me by anyone else. Or taken from me. I can experience sexual and sensual pleasure in any moment I choose to experience it, because I AM the creator of my own pleasure. I'm also able to fully enjoy a deep and powerful connection with my partner that takes intimacy from mediocre to mind blowing, consistently!


This is only the tip of the iceberg, my loves! But at risk of turning this post into a novel, I'll wrap it up here… ;)


Loss of sexual and sensual desire isn't a life sentence… Nor is it something that takes years to overcome. YOU hold the keys to unlocking your gateway of true power, pleasure, and passion… I merely know a path to rediscovering your gateway.


If you're ready to reclaim a life that turns you on, send me a message and let's chat! Until then, my loves…


Keep it sexy!


Your Primal Pleasure Priestess and Sister in Sensuality, Tabitha Jester