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Unleash Your

Primal  Pleasure


Are you a Slumbering

Sacred Sexual Priestess?

Have you tasted glimpses of unexplainable spirituality with sex and sexuality that make you hunger to find out more?

Have you been intrigued by Tantra, Shamanism, Ancient Sexual Priestesses and Courtesans, Sacred Sex, Soul Mates and Twin Flames, Divine God/Goddess Communion?

Have you experienced healing through sex and intimacy?

Pain or sickness resolving, emotional wounds healing, bad memories losing their power, fears being dissolved, etc. Either within yourself or by facilitating it for a lover?

Do quickies, regular run-of-the-mill, and unconscious sex leave you hungry for more, frustrated, and angry at the lack of SOMETHING you don’t quite understand?

Deeper intimacy? More emotional connection with your lover? More pleasure, power, and intensity?

If you found yourself saying “Hell Yes!” to those questions,

You, my slumbering sister, are a

Sacred Sexual Priestess

ready to wake the fuck up!

Hi, I'm Tabitha Jester.


I guide women to awaken and reclaim the Sacred, Sexual Priestess she holds within, so she can powerfully and easily attract, deepen, and maintain soul-deep bliss in her intimate connections, creating a Legendary Love & Primal Sex Life without losing herself, compromising her desires, and/or settling for a run-of-the-mill romance.

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