Make Your Ordinary Love

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Embrace Your

Extraordinary Love


A woman in love is the most

magnetic and captivating force

on the planet.

We’re women, we love many people in our lives... but how many of us feel magnetic and captivating on a regular basis? 


How many of us feel that aliveness, that passion, that fulfillment that once burned through our every action and sensation sweeping through our body, mind, and soul? 

My name is Tabitha Jester, and I teach Romantics how to make their ordinary relationship EXTRAORDINARY!



Life happens, hormones change, newness fades, and slowly we find ourselves making love a habit instead of an experience that turns us on in every way. 


We love, but don’t feel IN love.


And no matter how powerful we become in business, or how involved we become as mothers, partners, and friends, there is always that inner romantic that burns inside us, making itself known in those moments when we melt at a movie scene, or get hot and bothered at the most unlikely of stimulants, and ache for the fire that used to warm our sheets when the room is now cool with complacency and roommate tendencies.


It’s so easy to begin wondering if we picked wrong, if we’re messed up, unattractive, and unlovable, or just incapable of creating and sustaining long term fire and passion. We question ourselves, our partners, our dreams and desires, and usually end up more frustrated than ever before!


This cycle often comes and goes on repeat with varying intensities of emotion and “no fucks left to give” moments of apathy and resignation. Swirl in a few bouts of self medication and feel good quick fix attempts, and you have a bland and unsatisfying reality of “relationships” for the vast majority of people.


But is that REALLY enough for a woman like you? A woman made of fire, passion, and relentless desire for all you crave and more?


You know it’s not, and here’s where I come in!


Unlike those temporary band-aids and distractions, I guide women back to their core fire and desire with a balance of science, soul, and love/lifestyle education that equips women with the tools they need to embody in order to INVITE their partners into a new way of relating without all the bullshit that usually accompanies traditional relationship transformation. 


Wouldn’t it be amazing to feel that fire renewed and taken to a much deeper level of connection and intimacy with your partner --even if they aren’t actively in coaching or therapy with you?


It’s possible! I'd love to invite you to a FREE consultation call with me to see how YOU can embrace powerful, fast, and lasting results in life AND love!



**This is also an amazing journey for those who aren’t in a relationship yet, but what to create one with a solid foundation instead of trying to repair one that’s already shaky.

Tabitha Jester has been helping men and women reconnect to their passion and desire in a tangible way so they can create and sustain the lives and relationships they crave for over 12 years. Like most change makers, her journey began as a personal mission towards healing her relationships and herself. 


As a young, newly married woman of 19, she faced the loss of intimacy, desire, and romance that popped the naive notions she’d had of love and relationships and had her moving from dead end relationship to dead end relationship, feeling more and more unlovable as time went on. 


Never one to settle, her relentless drive for high quality and passionate connection started years of research, personal application, and self development that fueled her deep drive to help others bust the myths of lackluster relationships as normal, making Legendary, Extraordinary Love the new standard. 


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